Status: Eliminated
Artist: Panetoz
Song: On My Way
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Hurrah hurrah @Panetoz #Melfest colourful, joyful and happy! πŸ™Œ
Panetoz are so lively and animated. Love the bright and fun staging and choreo. Just pure party energy! #Melfest
After hearing Panetoz "On My Way" in the heats, I downloaded their previous #Melfest entries. Nice to hear a good fun Swedish song #Melfestworld
Would honestly be so good if Sweden sent something like Panetoz. So different to their usual entries and such a fun banger #Melfest
felt in love with PANETOZ what a great positive energy from them #melfest
I really like On My Way, it's just so much fun. Love that they went so colourful with the staging too #MelFest
Ay yay, I had so much fun watching Panetoz performance πŸ˜…πŸ’ƒ #Melfest
A good winner for Sweden would be Panetoz, as the rest of the Eurovision songs are just yawny. #Melodifestivalen2023 #Melfest
Well that was good fun! Could see a good televote pull coming for the Panetoz boys tonight! #Melfest
I'm on my way is such a fun song love it so much #melfest
Yay! Panetoz!! One of my favourites 😍 #melfest
and if i say that panetoz have one of the best songs in the final i will be RIGHT!!! πŸ”₯ this was super fun it sounds like something that would be a global hit in 2013 #melfest
Panetoz are amazing!!!❀️ #Melodifestivalen
#Panetoz were so fun, and they delivered. Wouldn't be surprised if they ended up top 3 #Melodifestivalen
#5 Panetoz - "On My Way" - Did he start singing BEFORE the music started?! - This is a colorful party - but I feel like they concentrate on side shots of the dancers for TOO long, and too many far away shots - this is def. cool & slick, but I expected even MORE? #Melodifestivalen
Maybe it's just the sugar rush of it all that goes to my head but I absolutely love Panetoz. They always put me in a terrific mood. #melfest
Panetoz give me good vibes! On My Way is a perfect summer song. #Melfest
I'm starting to enjoy On My Way now. Panetoz are so authentic and energetic on stage #Melfest
Panetoz deserve to do well. On My Way is INCREDIBLE and will be on all my Summer playlists #Melfest
panetoz kak obychno krutye veselye zadornye smeshnye luchshieeee ljublju ih 😝😍🫢🏻 #melfest
Panetoz always brings something that I enjoy. This just really stands out for me, in a good way! #Melfest
the one white guy in panetoz looks happy to be there, bless #melfest
Panetoz makes everyone dance, what a bop 🀩πŸ₯³ #Melfest
When will Sweden be bold enough to send something like Panetoz, Medina to Eurovision?πŸ™πŸ» #Melodifestivalen
Las good vibes de Panetoz!! I'm addicted!! 😎 #Melfest
On now, Panetoz with 'On My Way' - a lot of light green in that heart, it seems any 6-year-old with dexterity or the cognitive ability to vote is enjoying this little bop. Gotta admit these type of entries aren't new at #Melfest but always go over well with meπŸ’ƒ
come on how can you not love panetoz #Melodifestivalen
Panetoz should've closed the show, that was so much fun #melfest
Panetoz' song and they are so much fun. #Melodifestivalen
Panetoz are so fun. #melfest
Hope Panetoz get a good result tonight. This is giving me the same vibes as Medina gave me last year. #melfest
My favorite Panetoz entry remains Efter Solsken, and that's not only because I was in Friends Arena for that final. #melfest
I feel like Panetoz are competing with the same song in different year, I appreciate the energy tho #Melfest
Gostando muito da sua musica Panetoz! Boa sorte! Enjoying! #Melfestworld #Melfest Greetings from Sergio #TheAmbassador
Koncowka zimy, a Panetoz z nuta typowo wakacyjna. πŸ˜… Wroce do niej latem. Na razie thank you, next. #MelFest2023
Amazing from Panetoz! #Melodifestivalen
Obsessed with Panetoz they just have a legendary energy #Melfest
ON MY WAY IS SO MUCH FUN! #Melodifestivalen
[#MF23 - Finale Sweden ] They're on they way, et ce n'est peut etre pas du Edgar Allan POE POE POE, mais Panetoz fait bouger nos corps avec leur musique simple, solaire et genereuse. 🧑 sur eux ! I'm on My WAY WAY WAY… #Melodifestivalen #Eurovision
Ohhh one of the members of Panetoz is Wolof? Well we have no choice but to Stan. #Melfest
Panetoz have such infectious energy, like, they just make me want to get up and dance. What a bop. #Melfest
If Melanie Wehbe were here and Panetoz weren't, this would be, quite surprisingly, one of the best finals I can remember. #Melfest
Love Panetoz. #Melfest
Muss mich leider als Panetoz Fan outen, finde der Song bockt richtig, einfach gute Laune schon beim zusehen #melfest2023
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