Status: Eliminated
Artist: Nordman
Song: Slapp Alla Sorger
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Nordman… .WOW🤩🤩 This is just amazing , Love the staging too and the song is really good (everyone is good tonight🤩😂) #Melfest
Honestly loved Nordman. That was such fun and I would love to have Sweden send something like that. #Melfest
"Slapp ala sorger" is wonderfully pleasant and we still need songs like these every now and then, thanks Nordman #Melfest
it's like they made this song for me specifically!! thank you nordman ily #melfest
Slapp alla sorger is amazing and I am EXCITED !! #melfest
Up next, Nordman with 'Slapp alla sorger'. Always loved this one - there is something about these folk-pop songs that gets me going and this does it for me. The staging is simple but well done - the chorus is anthemic and the key change left no crumbs. #Melfest
Nordman was enjoyable as well, nice Swedish song #Melfest
I love Nordman but I mainly love Nordman for the crow. G'WAN CROW DO YOUR THING #melfest
Sweden ⎮Nordman are coming back at #Melodifestivalen 2023 after compose "Love, love, Peace, peace". #Eurovision · #ESC2023 · #Sweden
Me encanta el instrumental de Nordman 😍 #Melfest
Well done, Nordman. Now... IT'S TIME FOR YOUR MAIN EVENT! #Melodifestivalen
I don't know their backstory, but I really want Nordman to be two gay bears who fell in love over music and went touring! #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
#Melodifestivalen #Nordman good to hear some dad soft rock/schlager 🖖
#Melfest Nordman I lagornas sken STAN speaking, but they really didn't give them ANYTHING to work with. It's not terrible, but it looks very empty and the song kinda just glides by. Albeit they are an elder act in comparison.
Enjoying Nordman for the mainstream folk energy but I can't stop thinking of The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening #Melfest
love nordman's song sm specially the instrumental 🫶 #Melfest
#9 Nordman - "Slapp alla sorger" - That had energy and the crowd loved it - but LED birds scared me EVERY time they came FLYING at screen & if we're being real I have a hard time seeing them getting OVERWHELMING jury love (& other than birds staging was boring) #Melodifestivalen
are nordman this year's andreas bagge i feel like they will have a lot of televote support but zero jury support #melfest
Why is this in the final??? @melaniewehbe du skulle haft varit i stallet av Nordman ❤️ #Melodifestivalen2023 #Melfest
NORDMAN, Swedish Ethno banger - more of this in Melfest please Sweden #Melfest
Sweden, I'm begging you, send something like Nordman soon to Eurovision🙏🏻😭 #Melodifestivalen
#Melodifestivalen2023 and #Eurovision are crap. How can other countries vote for who should advance in Sweden? Only Swedes should vote! For god sake, the group Nordman is in last place and they are a Swedish icon. No way ABBA could win today with this biased voting system.
Nordman ❤️ de ar sa soeta #Melfest
nordman are my second place!! i am so excited to see the show they bring tonight #Melodifestivalen
I love the staging of Nordman's song ! #melfest
fan dissar internationella juryn nordman foer? #Melfest
Fullkomligt alskar detta. Nordman ar min andra plats i ar 😍 #melfest
Nordman look like that mature bear couple who will hunt you for a threesome #Melfest
alskar fan nordman #Melfest
Sweden We are once again switching to a whole different gerne, let's give it up to the iconic duo Nordman with ´Slapp alla sorger´! P.S. Did you know that Slapp alla sorger means: let go of all sorrows? #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
Nordman my beloved #melfest
Idc Slapp alla sorger is so freaking good #melfest
Det komiska med Nordman ar hans SD-gubbe-aura samtidigt som han helt tagit avstand fran dem??? 😅 #Melfest
Sweden How much did you like Nordman's performance at the final? Vote now! #melfest #Sweden #Melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023
💪Basta pepplaten i alla fall! Nordman🙌#melfest #mello
[#MF23 - Finale Sweden ] De grand retour sur la scene du Melodifestivalen, Nordman s'avance en neuvieme position avec un titre pop folk aux accents retros, juste avant l'arrivee de la reine #Melodifestivalen #Eurovision
i think you might have to be swedish in order to appreciate slapp alla sorger. maybe nordman is in our dna idk #Melodifestivalen
#Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023 Song 8: Nordman - "Slapp alla sorger" More ethno-pop, this time complete with a hurdy-gurdy. Strong football chant type chorus but the staging could do with more imagination. 7/10
Nordman is in the house. Now they have their summer booked. Mission accomplished. #melfest
in a perfect world nordman would finish in a comfortable last place bc that song is somehow worse than all the basic pop that is here #melfest
Kan inte lata bli o undra hur det skulle ha sett ut med Nordman o hans nyckelharpa i #Eurovision 🤣
slapp alla sorger is low key one of my favourites though #melfest
#Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023 Song 9: Nordman - "Slapp alla sorger" More ethno-pop, this time complete with a hurdy-gurdy. Strong football chant type chorus but the staging could do with more imagination. 7/10
Nordman! 👍🏻 #mello #melfest #svtmello #Melodifestivalen2023
Nordman. Min vinnare 🙏 #melfest2023
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