Status: Eliminated
Artist: Mariette
Song: One Day
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
We can only wish one day that we have a huge contest like @melfest_en in United Kingdom . Great show and fab to hear @Rylan in the commentary box, flying the flag for our @maemuller_ ! Well done Sweden great show Sweden #Eurovision2023 #Melfest #UnitedByMusic
Mariette is so lovely but after this, she should take a long long long break and not come back until she has a potential winner on her hands. For her own good. #melfest
On now Mariette - 'One Day', another grand final for Mariette, an impressive achievement. Anthemic, majestic and stirring. Probably my favourite performance of 'One Day' all season. Take a bow. #Melfest
Sweden ⎮A #Melfest legend, five times at the grand final of #Melodifestivalen. It's time for Mariette, It's time to strength and love. It's time to "One day". #Eurovision · #ESC2023 · #Sweden
Mariette does not deserve to come last tonight. One Day is a stunning song with a beautiful staging! Melodifestivalen classic in my eyes! Other countries could only wish for that level at Eurovision! #Melfest
#Melodifestivalen Mariette so beautiful song this year☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔮
Such a sweet person, #Mariette Modest and graceful 😊Hope she gets the trophy at #Melodifestivalen someday.
Mariette's song has grown on me so much. I hope she gets a decent result tonight, I love her ❤️ #Melfest #MelfestWorld
"One Day" is such a gorgeous moving track and I will never tire of this heavenly performance, Mariette deserves a spot in the hall of fame! #Melfest
Bravo Mariette, emocion total💚 #Melfest
I love Mariette, I'd love her to go to #Eurovision with a fantastic song … this would not be it by any stretch of the imagination 🤦🏻‍♂️ #melfest
Enjoy the playful staging with the slides, but this feels like a religious youth group song. Mariette has had stronger #Melfest entries
I love so fvcking much this song! Deserves so much more attention! One of Mariette's best entries! #Melfest
I love Mariette so so much! I loved that performance! #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
I liked Mariette's One Day song, I doubt it will win but I hope she does well tonight #Melfest #Melfestworld
Goosebumps from that performance of One Day 🥺❤️ #Melodifestivalen
It seems that it's been long for Mariette's absence in #Melfest, her voice is still beautiful, but the song is just… not her best one.
#Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023 Song 3: Mariette - "One Day" This is more like it, a decent song, well performed and with a strong anthemic message and the staging isn't overly fussy. Would be better than almost everything chosen so far for Liverpool. 9/10
Aw I love Mariette 🥰 #melfest
I swear Mariette's song makes me tear up every time ❤️😢 #Melodifestivalen
omg i loved one day, it was great #melfest
Honestly Mariette is always bringing a great song to @SVTmelfest. I absolutely love it! #Melodifestivalen
Woo love Mariette #melfest #Melfestworld 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Jag haller alltid pa Mariette! ❤️ (Om inte Gladys del Pilar ar med) 😊#melfest #mello #Melodifestivalen
I love this woman - Mariette has never disappointed me - it will be last most probably tonight but I don't care I adore it #Melfest
"And one day we'll find our way home. We'll take the chance, the power is our own." 💚 #Melfest
Mariette's song is the sound of a smile. It's listening a smile. I love the whole vibe, it's not a winner but the enthusiasm and optimism feels so right #Melfest
Oh wow Mariette is 10x better than during the semi!! 😬 Loveddddd it! #Melfest
omg Mariette slid down the platform like a child kdjfghkdf this is so funny #melodifestivalen
#OneDay is my favourite so far .. Must be getting old! ❤️ #Mariette #Melodifestivalen
This is good from Mariette but... her previous song was much better for me #melfest
Mariette that was a banger I loved it #Melfest
Mariette's song sounds good 👍🏻 #Melfest
Mariette has definitely sent better songs, but she definitely knows how to put on a great performance #Melfest
Mariette's song is actually cute🥰 #Melodifestivalen
Mariette has an infectious smile, you can tell she loves #melfest
Absolutely loving Mariette's performance 🥰 #Melfest
One day Jon will win, but not this year #melfest
Mariette needs to win someday #Melfest
awww mariette is such a sweetheart and a very good performer #Melodifestivalen
At least Mariette is the pure Swedish schlager 😍 #melfest
Being background dancer of Mariette seems fun #Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023
Mariette is wonderful #Melfest
Yes! Mariette 😍 #melfest
Bravo Mariette #melfest
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