Maria Sur

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Maria Sur
Song: Never Give Up
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Big love to Maria Ukraine ❤️ Sweden ps it's funny to read 💩russians who's watching Swedes festival lol 😂 like you don't even participate in ESC, sh*t up #Melodifestivalen
This is the most beautiful song of 2023. A testament to the human spirit, to peace and freedom! Sweden… you can win #eurovision with Maria Sur- remember that this Saturday night! #Melodifestivalen
maria seems like such a sweet girl but id be so much happier if she could try for ukraine with an actual good song #melfest
Maria is obviously so talented and I like the song but her time will come you know?? Like I am happy she gets to have this experience but maybe she can try again when she'll grow as an artist idk. I love it tho she has power in her voice for sure. #melfest #Melodifestivalen2023
Maria Sur - the first song tonight to feel like a winner. AMAZING for an 18yo. #melfestworld #melfest2023
Maria Sue has a great voice and looks incredible. With the right song - could and I'm sure will one year, do so much Ukraine Sweden #Melfest
"Never Give Up" is actually a wonderful emotional song and obviously feels personal to Maria Sur, that was a slick performance too. Go girl! #Melfest
Maria Sur has an exceptionally beautiful voice & face and I look forward to both put in the service of a more creative song. Sweden Ukraine #Melfest #melfest2023
Maria Sur has an incredible voice I just wish she had a better song #Melfest
I genuinely LOVE Maria Sur's voice, the song is really powerful ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 #Melfest
idc what you think but i'm so proud of rooting for this and I wish Maria Sur the best xx #melfest
Muy muy buena Maria sur la verdad 👏👏🥹 #Melodifestivalen
Maria Sur could have won Melodifestivalen. Her voice and performance is of a winner. However Never Give Up is very by numbers and those lyrics are poor. #melfest
Maria Sur deserves a better song. Her voice is incredible. #Melfest
Maria is incredibly cute and beautiful #melfest
Never Give Up isn't my fav tonight, but it's still enjoyable 🥰 #Melfest
SWEDEN LOVES UKRAINE Sweden ❤️ Ukraine NEVER GIVE UP #Melodifestivalen
Que bonito el cover de Maria Sur de cualquier tema de 'The Greatest Showman' <3 #melfest
I cheer for Maria even if I don't think she will win. But we will never give up Ukraine! 🌻 Ukraine #Melfest
And now for Maria Sur, she won the second semi final and amazingly is the only ballad in the final tonight! #Melfest
I adore Maria Sur's "Never Give Up". If this came out 5/10 years ago, it would have won by a landslide. #melfest
bringing the 2nd best tweet ever to celebrate maria sur and her song #melfest
Pleaseeee Maria come back next year with a better song. You deserve so much better than this song 😅😅 #Melfest
Segun mi queridisima @rosameza10 esta cantando Maria del Sur 😂😂😂 ¡¡La adoro!! 💘💘💘 #Melodifestivalen #Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023
Maria Sur wasn't even born yet when Ukraine won the contest for the first time in 2004. Feel a littler older now? You're Welcome #melfest
Muy bien Mary South (Maria Sur Spain ), iba a decir que mejor vocalmente pero luego se ha venido arriba y ha metido un berrido. Pero me gusta mucho🥰 #Melfest
Maria was pretty good, maybe next year ☺️ #melfest
Maria Sur deserved way better song, she is underrated performer. #Melodifestivalen
I hope Maria Sur represents her home country with an amazing song because Never give up is not it #Melfest
Maria Sur did great too 🥳 #Melfest
you can tell maria is getting emotional up there and its making me want to cry im so proud of her #Melodifestivalen
Maria: This is better, more powerful than her semi. #Melfest
Now why was Never Give Up touted as a potential winner may I ask #melfest2023
i can actually see maria winning tbh #melfest
i think maria sur could win televotes still #Melfest
Big fan of Never Give Up #Melfest
Maria Sur has improved so much and I'm glad the staging didn't make her stand still in a gown to emphasize the drama, but cos of her movement it focuses on resillience. Not sure if she's vocally trained/ready for Eurovision yet. #melfest
Loved that audience shot with with all the lights. Never Give Up does feel empty to me though. I think Maria's voice could better suit something different too #Melfest
Maria Sur's performance was amazing #Melfest
WOW. Maria Sur'e performance gave me chills 🥲 #Melfest
#Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023 Song 6: Maria Sur - "Never Give Up" First ballad of the night, performed by a Swedish based Ukrainian refugee. Nice simple performance and staging which doesn't try to milk any sympathy vote. However the song is very lacklustre. 5/10
I feel bad for Maria Sur after that voice crack as she's very brave to perform in this competition after what she went through #Melfest
Love Maria's voice and she seems sweet. Whoever gave her this song deserves jail time #Melfest
Maria deserves the world and every success in her career #melfest
Maria is so sweeet and lovely #Melfest
i love maria's outfit #melfest
I would love to see Maria representing Ukraine next year, she has a lot of potential but this Melfest song is so bad...#Melfest
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