Loulou Lamotte

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Loulou Lamotte
Song: Inga Sorger
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Heat 1
Nice song in Swedish, Loulou is good but sadly a NQ Hopefully she does better than expected πŸ™πŸΌ #melfest
Loulou can be proud of her performance. Love the lighting, love the passion. It just doesn't go anywhere or build #melfest
LouLou's dress is STUNNING 😍 #melfest
Loulou can be proud of her performance. Love the lighting, love the passion. A tad repetitive? #melfest
Loulou is nice. Song is kinda too expected in Melfest. Feel like we get this same song in every semi every year. Staging feels too bareboned. But its pleasant and very Melfest-y #Melfest
Loulou Lamotte is a QUEEN on stage and I'm loving her song so so much πŸ˜πŸ’š #Melfest
I love LouLou's song and voice πŸ₯Ή #Melfest
Sweden #Melfest #Eurovision Loulou Lamotte - Inga Sorger Oof, Loulou's vocal sounds strained in the first minute. Like she's taking the notes too low. But the soul is dripping here. It's a good midtempo effort she's delivering. But is it competitive? Not sure...
Sweden #Melfest #Eurovision It's time for a #Melodifestivalen winner! Loulou Lamotte won back in 2020 as part of The Mamas. However, for some reason we don't want to be reminded of, the contest got cancelled. Now, she's back solo. It's time for "Inga Sorger".
Whatever you say, Loulou LaMotte is a clear 10/10 for me. No matter how this night for her will end, this song will make it straight to my Spotify playlist. #melfest
YES LOULOU. I need this to have a big womp before the last chorus though. 🀞 #Melfest
Loulou's song sounds so nice omg, I want it DTF or AC #Melfest
Mucha suerte a LouLou LaMotte β™₯️#melfest
LouLou deserves better. Feels like they told her "Hey you can come back to #Melfest2023 but you HAVE to sing this song".
Me ha encantado Loulou ojala pase aunque sea a la semi 😍 #melfest
Kinda adored Loulou Lamotte - "Inga sorger" #melfest
Inga sorger isn't really my cup of tea, but I'm happy to see LouLou return to the stage #Melfest
This has potential if it's revamped somewhat. It's lacking for me. Love Loulou though ! #Melfest
Det har later underbart ❀️ Vill att Loulou ska ga vidare men tror inte det racker hela vagen #Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023
#ltvsupernova #Melfest #MGP2023 Sending good vibes into the universe for Inspo, Loulou and Ulrikke.
Having LouLou read you a bedtime story must be incredibly comforting. #Melfest
Oh Loulou looks GORGEOUS #Melfest
Yeah, I think Loulou's song is my favourite. Onto the playlist it goes #Melfest
Loulou πŸ’š #Melfest
I guess the good thing is I'll probably be able to stream LouLou's song shortly afterwards πŸ’€ #Melfest
I'm certain she's going out but Inga Sorger is guaranteed to be on my Spotify Top Songs '23 #Melfest
I adore LouLou but I just feel like the performance was slightly weak #Melfest
Well, Loulou`s perfrormance is better than I expected. What if it`s DTF? #melfest
Loulou no ha cantado bien #melfest
The title of Loulou`s song contains my name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#melfest
Ouch… expected way better vocals from Loulou #melfest2023
How do you like the performance of Loulou LaMotte and "Inga Sorga"? #Eurovision #melfest2023
Voted the most of Loulou #melfest
loulou i love you but this is not it i'm so sad 😭 #melfest
Song 02: Loulou is likeable but does she and her song match each other? The tune is nice but not terribly outstanding. Sounds like an album track. #melfest
Loulou really sells it. What a queen #Melfest
I like that the #Melfest producers feel that LouLou has enough stage presence to command the audience by simply standing there, having no backup dancers, and no choreography.
Loulou LaMotte from The Mamas (winners of #Melfest 2020) goes solo. In her interpretation of lyrics, she is singing about overcoming personal mental health problems. πŸ“Έ: A. Bengtsson/SVT Find all the facts on the entry at Mellopedia: πŸ‘‰
Aww I like Loulou #Melfest
I want Sweden to send a song in Swedish so much ! Why not with Loulou ? #melfest
Loulou is such a queen #melfest
LouLou deserved a belter, that was nearly there #melfest
Loulou is Destiny yassified #Melfest
Loulou drottning #Melfest
Inga Sorger will be my anthem after tonight #Melfest
uff por ahora estoy viendo a Loulou fuera eh, no impacta nada :( #Melfest
LouLou's song co-written by one of the writers of… Bigger Than Us #Melfest
Cornelia dzisiaj bez 🟒, bo caly material z kola poszedl na sukienke dla LouLou Lamotte πŸ’€ #melfest
LouLou LaMotte #Mello #Melfest #Melfest2023
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