Status: Winner
Artist: Loreen
Song: Tattoo
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
It's so surreal watching this final. Years ago I watched as a young teen and Loreen won in 2012 with her amazing song “Euphoria.” And now… she wins in 2023 with the incredible song “Tattoo.” Wow! #Melfest
Loreen deserves to represent Sweden at Eurovision 2023👏👏 The song combined with her stage presence leads to an awesome result👏👏 One of my favorite songs that deserves to reach the top. Good luck Loreen 🙌🥳 #melfest2023 #Melodifestivalen
No words, no words 😱 I was never really a fan of Euphoria but love Loreen as an artist, so I'm so glad to see her perform something so beautiful and powerful #Melfest
Yes! LOREEN is the winner! Let's go, she is the best 🤩 Sweden can win eurovision again, ehehe Sweden #Melodifestivalen
#MelodiLoreen #Eurovision #Sweden Loreen is tipped to win. If so. Wins the contest. Host 2024 Sweden=#ABBA come on stage to celebrate 1974. Nostradamus (me) speaks! I want to be present! #Melodifestivalen
LET'S GO!!!! the norwegian dudes are good but if they win i cannot flaunt my national pride at eurovision so please vote for loreen<3 #melfest
If they send loreen and she wins it's the first time since a very very very long time that someone of my top 5 wins... So i don't see her winning the winners are always a song i don't like (except for maneskin) 🤣 #Melodifestivalen
Loreen with Tattoo is so going to win #melodifestivalen and then #EurovisionSongContest2023 . That frozen-esque string bridge segue is sublime. She's bringing nails, sand and smokey lazer platform staging. Loved Euphoria, Statements and Tattoo, She is a Eurovision Queen 👑
loreen is beautiful she have that moroccan face this is amazing make us proud a second time please ❤️ Morocco #melodifestivalen
Will Loreen be my Eurovision winner when she wins tonight? God no. Will I be over the moon when she wins? God yes. Sweden hosts Eurovision brilliantly 🔥 #Melfest
THANK GOD the smoke CLEARED OUT b/c the REST of her Loreen's wasn't just QUEEN level, it was EMPRESS level and she OUTSOLD -- she SAVED her BEST vocals for LAST when she NEEDED it -- STUNNING -- I can't see her NOT winning this even WITH the smoke yip #Melodifestivalen
LOREEN WON YASSSS THANK YOU SWEDEN ILY SO MUCH STOCKHOLM 2024 Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden #Melfest #melfest2023 I'm so fucking happy 😭😭😭😭😭
It would have been nice to be able to see Loreen in the first verse👀. But that transition to the dream like Arabian moment is such sensational 😍 #Melfest
ESC will be fantastic. Now let's hope for good lineup numbers for both Loreen and Alessandra, then the finals will be magical 😍 #Melfest #ESC
🚨 2012 Eurovision winner Loreen has won Sweden's Eurovision selection show, #Melfest. Sweden is favourite to win the contest. 🚨
After the incredible performance and stunning song on #Melodifestivalen tonight #loreen will go to Liverpool and I predict she will win it for Sweden with #tattoo. See you in Stockholm, Malmoe or Gothenburg next year.
Tonight is the final of 'the greatest show on earth' - #Melodifestivalen - and to celebrate here's our favourite winners of all time: #Loreen #LenaPhilipsson
Can see why this was a contender! Slick scandi pop for sure! If Loreen doesn't win tonight, it's probably this! Solid stuff 💚 #Melfest #Melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023
As much as I love Loreen… it just doesn't strike me as a ESC winner… It's definitely winning #melfest2023 tho #Melodifestivalen #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Without any doubt @LOREEN_TALHAOUI with her song Tattoo is not only winning in Sweden but will win this years Eurovision @Eurovision @SVTmelfest . Absolutely amazing! #Loreen #melfest2023 #melfest #Eurovision
Sensational, a fantastic result #Loreen #Melfest thank you for the English language stream #melfestworld
I am in TEARS, this was perfection 😭 Loreen is WINNING this, no competition 😭😭 #Melfest
SIIII Loreen a #Eurovision2023 💋 Mi top 1 desde ya. Para mi es el mejor paquete completo, una muy buena cancion, una puesta en escena sublime y una cantante con presencia y voz. Gracias suecos 👏🏻 #Melfest
this is just pure emotion and perfection. thank you loreen for sharing us this work of art, we cannot wait to hear it once again in liverpool🥺❤️ #melfest2023
Loreen, the queen winning #melodifestivalen again! I feel like a proud mother❤️
Loreen winning Melodifestivalen and Danny being the 2nd best performance of the night. It is like #Melfest 2012 all over again!
I had a tweet brewing in the back of my head for a while how I'm fine with Loreen winning the ESC but how I feel #melfest hasn't really earned it. Now I really enjoyed the final so I'm glad I never tweeted it.
Sweden Loreen has won Melodifestivalen 2023 and will represent Sweden at #Eurovision 2023! Are you happy with the winner? #melfest #Sweden #Melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023 📸SVT
Loreen looked SO confident and happy on that stage. Incredible! #Melfest
Yaaaaaaaass Loreen!!!! You're winning it all again! I love you so much!! ❤️❤️ #Eurovision #Melfest Sweden
Love that @tone_sekelius and @Rylan worshipping Loreen as she did her winner's walk to the stage. Grattis @LOREEN_TALHAOUI !! #melfest #Melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023
It's actually kinda funny that Danny will see Loreen winning a second time tho 🙃 #Melodifestivalen #Melfest
anyway, im not a full fan of tattoo, but i guess it won melfest anyway, and i guess it's also winning eurovision, so no point in following this esc season, see you in 2024 #melfest
I'm glitching it's like i've been taken back to 2012, Loreen is winning, Danny is performing amazing, I LOVE IT. I can't help but think it's all deliberate #Melfest
Very pleased the Australian jury for the Swedish finals for Eurovision, has given 12 points to Loreen. @SBSNews As a long-term #melodifestivalen fan, I am happy to volunteer for next year's voting. #jagtalarsvenska #viharettresultat
Ngl when Loreen wins (tonight,Eurovision) I'll legit cry because euphoria was the first Eurovision song I really listen to and loved as a kid #Melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023
Don't @ me but there's something that tells me that Loreen's vocal performance is not THAT flawless tonight, but it's sure good enough, so I'm not hating #Melodifestivalen
Never has an artist deserved more love! Sweden, thank you thank you thank you. Loreen is back and she is about to win Eurovision again! 😭🎊 #loreen #Melodifestivalen2023 #Melodifestivalen #Eurovision
Can't believe that Loreen is almost 40. Time flies. Still remember when I was a teenager listening to Euphoria and falling in LOVE with this whole thing! Thanks Loreen! 💚 #Melfest
ok but tattoo itself is such a brilliant and powerful song, we really need Loreen to win both #melfest2023 and #ESC2023 .
Thankfully too much smoke doesn't hinder the perfect vocal performance that was #loreen #melfest ♥️♥️♥️
Very pleased the Australian jury for the Swedish finals for Eurovision, has given 12 points to Loreen. @SBSNews As a long-term #melodifestivalen fan, I am happy to volunteer for next year's voting. #jagtalarsvenska
Loreen currently in the lead at #Melodifestivalen with 92 points! She's such a sweet soul. I hope she wins. <3
Loreen is now a TWO time #melfest winner and soon TWO time #eurovison winner LEGENDDDDDDDD 😭😭🥺❤️
Assa fan om ni tappar den dar grejen pa mig. Loreen 🤣😅❤️🙏 #Melodifestivalen #mello
Sweden Ladies, Gentlemen, and Non Binary Legends… … .. She's BAAAAACK!! Loreen has triumphantly won Melodifestivalen 2023 and will represent Sweden at Eurovision 2023 with “Tattoo” Listen to the song here: #SWE #melfest
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