Status: Eliminated
Artist: Kiana
Song: Where Did You Go
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
#Melfest Kiana: Nice, fun, appropriate for a debutant, and I'm glad she's here (she'd have easily qualified anywhere else than the DEATH delta). Do not spam her like Malou or Wiktoria and develop her into a true winning talent.
The delightful Kiana with 'Where Did You Go' out now. Being born in Perth, Australia we're gonna claim her 🔥 Australia Another fantastic performance - lots of energy, wonderful staging, looking more and more comfortable on the big #Melfest stage.
#8Kiana - "Where Did You Go" - The staging elements really give energy (but that kind of fades away when she's in lower register & things go dark) - but for the MOST part she was just having fun and enjoying herself and looked confident, should place well #Melodifestivalen
WOW KIANA!!! That was soooo good🤩 Love the song and the performance as well🤩🤍 #Melfest
#8 Kiana - "Where Did You Go" - The staging elements really give energy (but that kind of fades away when she's in lower register & things go dark) - but for the MOST part she was just having fun and enjoying herself and looked confident, should place well #Melodifestivalen
Kiana was AMAZING! Won't be surprised to see her win the contest in a couple of years. Wow, what a voice!!! #melfest #Melodifestivalen #melfestworld
Love how happy Kiana looks up there. Wonderfully staged #Melfest
I just wanna say that Kiana is really good live and she's adorable ❤️ #melfest2023
kiana slayed but the song isn't rly winner worthy, def deserved to be a finalist tho #Melfest
Great performance from Kiana and remember she is only 16! Could see a good jury and televote score for her tonight with a solid radio pop song this is! #Melfest
#Melfest Kiana is amazing and she's on absolute top form. We love to see it
Song eight now and it's Kiana! Arguably the MOST excited NF act we have had all season and ready to enjoy her radio friendly bop and infectious stage energy one more time! #Melfest
I would love Kiana's "Where Did You Go" to win tonight, but she will win #Melfest when she returns within the next few years #Melfestworld
what a performance ! hope that kiana will be back next year bc she has a huge potential and could win melfest in future #Melodifestivalen #melodifestivalen2023
Love Kiana's presence and energy on stafe 😍 #Melfest
Kiana is only 16 and she is already a star! She has a great future ahead! I flippin love this song! #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
Wow Kiana's star! 🤩 #melfest
I have a feeling Kiana is going to be a HUGE name at Melodifestivalen! She will back and she will be a winner contender! #Melfest
it's such a joy watching Kiana perform, she really brings that stage to life! Especially impressive as she's only 16! #melfest #Mello
"Where Did You Go" never fails to get me bopping and I'm still amazed how Kiana nails it every time! She's a huge star in the making, trust me! #Melfest
anyway "Where Did You Go" reminded me a LOT of "Fight for Love" by Courtney Act lmao. A lot of radio songs sound just like this (and are probably popular a lot in the UK) #Melodifestivalen
Kiana's soulful bop is my personal winner tonight Sweden #melfest23 #melfest
Kiana sweep the vote darling I know you can do it, I believe in you honey you're doing so good sweetie #Melfest
JUST IN TIME FOR KIANA AT #melfest <3 one of my fave so far! she sounds so gooood also the act feels fresh
Kiana - WOW! The two youngest singers have had the most AMAZING vocals so far!!!! #melfest2023 #melfestworld
Where did you go is such a bop, and deserves some good amount of points tonight! Love it… .#Melfest #melfest2023
Lo bien que lo hace Kiana??? Y el bop que es Where Did You Go??? Todo maravilloso 😍 #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
I like that this feels very Eurodance-y. Not original but fun. And massive respect to Kiana. #MelFest
love the kiana appreciation btw #Melfest #Melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023 #melfest2023
Kiana's song is a banger and the staging is great #Melfest
Kiana has such a huge future, just 16 and able to sing & dance this well live is amazing, i hope we see her back #Melfest
Kiana - Where Did You Go = so Dua Lipa that I added it to a “Omg these are my fave productions at the moment 🥰” playlist 👀 #Melodifestivalen #Eurovision2023
This is still not THE song for Kiana, but that's still amazing ! I hope we will see her again #melfest
COME ON KIANA 🤩 #Melfest
Kiana is so sweet I want to hug her #Melfest
Tanto talento en Kiana por la chucha 💖 este no sera tu ano, pero por favor regresa 🫶 #Melfest
My darkhorse favourite now. Kiana has the best pop song this year #Melfest
Kiana is amazing but I feel like she knows she's not going to Eurovision because she brought six dancers on stage #Melfest
Kiana did well, another bop like this in the future and maybe win 👀 #melfest
Kiana seems so sweet 🥹🥹 #melfest
Every time Melodifestivalen Winner Kiana starts singing I'm surprised at how low her voice is. #melfest
Kiana only being 16 and outsinging some competitors this year... she is doing amazing #Melfest
Absolutely delighted Kiana did so well with the jury vote there #Melfest
Manifesting a Kiana win in the near future #melfest
Kiana 100% a future Eurovision entry for Sweden and I'm HERE for it 👏🏻 #Melfest
Kiana, competing tonight, was 5 years old when Danny Saucedo performed 'Amazing' at #Melfest 2012.
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