Status: Eliminated
Artist: Ida-Lova
Song: Lat Hela Stan Se Pa
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Heat 3
Sweden #Melfest Ida-Lova is presenting us a beautiful ballad. It's just her on stage. Wonderful long camera shots, perfect vocals and a great build up! Will she surprise many and get one of the Top 4 spots? It's up to the audience. Great applause #Eurovision #Mello #ESC2023
Ida-Lova, this song is really beautiful and I´m crying now... What a unique voice and the back instrumental is a masterpiece! I hope #Melodifestivalen2023 #melfest give this song a chance #Eurovision2023 . My favourite this year for sure💚💚💚
Ida-Lova? Easily the best song this year so far. From one of the most talented Swedish artists of the young generation. Love 💙 #Melodifestivalen2023 #Mello #melfest
Ida-Lova is amazing wow I hope she somehow goes through, I really liked the song and the performance #melfest
Ida-Lova would be such a nice choice for Sweden to send to Liverpool. Just a super genuine and stunning performance! #melfest
The penultimate entry of tonight, Ida-Lova with 'Lat hela stan se pa'. There's always something magical about female ballads at #Melfest sung in Swedish. A dancer after she stood up wouldn't have looked out of place. Vocals were very good and pretty. Go girl - that was great!
Ida-Lova's entry is so beautiful and her voice lowkey gives me goosebumps #melfest #melodifestivalen #melodifestivalen2023 #melfest2023
Ida-Lova has such a beautiful voice and the song is so beautiful, I have goosebumps 😭 #Melodifestivalen
Ida-Lova has such a beautiful voice 😍 #melfest
Ida-Lova best be good if she could skip like that in those heels. #Melfest #Eurovision
Ida-Lova...what a voice and those lyrics are soo good!!! I really hope this does well 🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻#mellovisionpodcast #melfest
Ida-Lova is the daughter of the 2010 #Melfest host Christine Meltzer. This entry is the first from the songwriters Joy & Linnea Deb with Swedish lyrics. The lyrics, about daring to live life, depict southern Stockholm. Full facts (📸: A. Bengtsson/SVT):
Ida-Lova giving a simple yet gentle polished showing, bittersweet song. #Melfest
Ida-Lova's song is beautiful #melfest
Bah come on, Ida-Lova deserves better than this #Melfest
Ida-Lova Una buen en el #Melodifestivalen2023 #Sweden #Eurovision 🤩
Ida-Lova - That was definitely pretty 😍 #melfest
ida-lova foertjanar att skralla till final, tvillingarna med men foer dom ar drt mer foervantat an en skrall lol #melfest
Ida-Lova was way too good to not even get the semi spot. Sweden why #melfest
I refrangen vaxer laten Lat hela stan se pa 😍 Hoppas Idalova gar vidare #Melodifestivalen2023 #melfest
Lat Hela Stan Se Pa gives me shivers! Best so far tonight #melfest
Ida-Lova's song is beautiful and I'm almost sure Sweden will let it NQ, which is actually a tragedy... #Melfest
«nubejjaj Hoch veng ngan» = "Ma varje invanare i sta'n titta pa oss" ≈ #LatHelaStanSerPa «maHvaD wovtaH veng Hoch.» = "Hela staden ar ljus foer var skull." #melfest #ESCse #IdaLova
Ida-Lova my favourite so far ✌🏼#Melfest
Ida-Lova tiene que pasar minimo al andra por favor que bonito 😭 #Melfest
deserved, now ida-lova dtf please #melfest #Melodifestivalen2023
insane what a great singer/performer Ida-Lova is for saying she's only 18 #melfest
Ida-Lova has the same staging as Tiril in MGP😅 #melfest
En un #Melfest de generalmente pocas emociones, se agradece la sencillez y emotividad en sueco. Clasico y bien vendido lo de Ida-Lova.
Ida-lova: I love this. But it stands no chance. 😢 #melfest
Ida-Lova DTF please #melfest
Ida-Lova nq'ing already.. Sweden why don't you like women with a slow ballad? 😭 #melfest
I hope Ida-Lova makes it 🥺 #melfest
Ida-lova deserved a semifinalplats #Melfest
Ida-Lova: Jag vill gilla denna men, nej? #Melfest
La cancion de Ida-Lova es preciosa y me la vais a dejar fuera #melfest
"Lat hela stan se paaaaaa" 🎶 #melfest
Ida-Lova ar arets Cornelia Jakobs foer mig 😭 #melfest #Melodifestivalen2023
Ida-Lova didn't make it??? 😭😭 #Melfest
Venga venga ahora metedme a Pablito, Ida-Lova y el tercero que sea lo que dios quiera #melfest
Ida-Lova to semi 🕯️ #Melfest
Assa fattar att Ida-Lova ar ute efter en skoer vibe, men jag saknar typ en elgitarr i backingtracken? Lite mer driv? #melfest
Nu maste Ida-Lova ga vidare!!!!!!! #Melfest
Nagot svajig roest har Ida-Lova hon ar nog lite nervoes #melfest
Ida-Lovas bidrag ar som om Lisa Nilsson sjungit en lat av Veronica Maggio. #melfest
Ida-Lova has a gorgeous voice but I'm so distracted by when the wind machine is going to kick off and blow that giant curtain in her face #Melfest
⑥Ida-Lova - "Lat hela stan se pa" MF2010司会・Christine Meltzerの娘。 Deb夫妻作曲。 コーラスにIsaちゃん。 #melfestjp #melfest
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