Fjallgren And North ft. A.Woods

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Fjallgren And North ft. A.Woods
Song: Where You Are
Started: Heat 1
Finished: Live Final
Where You Are is such a great edm/ ethnic track, I LOVE IT, good addition for my playlist❤️ #Melfest
This might be a wishful thinking, But i hope Jon Henrik Fjallgren will win in the Swedish "Eurovision", #Melodifestivalen It would mean a Sami would enter the actual eurovision and represent Sweden, get the culture out more. Here's hoping 🤞 + the song is pretty good
The dancer leaping through the smoke still makes no sense. Adam sings it amazingly, Jon does the same Arc North just looks happy to be there. Good show opener for the final #Melfest
#melfest begins with Arc North. Doesn't seem to be very popular with the Twitter audience but I think the Sami yoik gives a nice twist to a boyband song and it's my personal favorite in the contest.
A good start from Jon Henrik. The performance could've been better, but still a great song! #Melfest
"Where Are You" is a grower, banger and lovely bop. Adam Woods sings well and it's always a pleasure to have Jon Henrik. #Melfest
Show openers Jon Henrik Fjallgren, Arc North ft. Adam Woods with 'Where You Are (Savezan)' - what a great way to start the evening!! There is something about these folky, pop infusion songs with a strong beat that always gets me on my feet. BUZZING, what a tune. #Melfest
jon henrik ilysm 💙💙 #melfest
an absolute serve thank you jon henrik and friends 💙 #melfest
La cancion de Jon Henrik me parece tan EPICA!!! Love it!! 😍 #Melfest
I love Jon Henrik so much, my runner-up tonight 💛 Sweden #melfest
Maravilloso actuacion de con " WHERE YOU ARE" #JonHenrikFjallgren 😘 Arc North y Adam Woods, que abren la Final en con su electro-joik. Me encanto no va ganar pero igual es guapisimo Jon 💋😍 Final #Melodifestivalen2023 #melfest
jon henrik fjallgren my favorite beloved sami hunk #melfest
Another reminder to myself to check out more joik. Jon Henrik's voice is so beautiful. #Melfest
jon henrik look at me look at ME. this is not you. you are so much better than this song (it's not bad actually but) #melfest
Fjallgren, North and Woods name sounds like a lawyers. Song sounds okay. It's fine. #Melfest
This is what I want to tell Jon Henrik Fjallgren. Be yourself, and just be yourself man, that's what we all loved about you! You are NOT some sideshow, don't be one! #Melfest #Melodifestivalen2023
where you are was good, didn't make me like the song a lot more tho, deserves mid table result imo #Melfest
#melfest2023 Arc North, Jon Hendrik and Adam Woods appreciation tweet because these guys were at the top today [ video credit : ]
Sweden Song 1: Jon Henrik Fjallgren, Arc North feat. Adam Woods – “Where You Are (Savezan)” #melfest #Sweden #Melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023 Arc North, Oliver Belvelin, Joy Deb, Jon Henrik Fjallgren, C. Hellberg, T. Lundgren, Richard Lasth, W. Segerdahl 📸Janne Danielsson/SVT
Jon Henrik really needs to win melfest one of these days #Melfest
Hearing a joik will move me every time, especially knowing Jon Fjallgren's story Brilliant. #melfest #melfestworld
Sweden First off, we have Jon Henrik Fjallgren, Arc North ft. Adam Woods with “Where You Are ( (Savezan)! This promises to be a good night! #Melfest #Melodifestivalen
Sweden How much did you like Jon Henrik Fjallgren, Arc North feat. Adam Woods' performance at the final? Vote now! #melfest #Sweden #Melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023
I dont think this is his year, but if love to see Jon Henrik at eurovision one year! #MelfestWorld #Melfest
Took me a while but at the end I really love also this Jon Henrik entry #Melfest
Everybody loves Jon Henrik #melfest
jon henrik fjallgren the man that YOU are 🤍 #melfest
Bueno pues gracias por participar Jon Henrik #Melfest
i love where you are btw #melfest
I love Jon Henrik Fjallgren's coat #Melfest
To open this grand final is Jon Henrik Fjallgren, Arc North and Adam Woods #Melfest
I'm not hearing the hype around Jon Henrik #Melodifestivalen #Melodifestivalen2023
Where you are is so underrated by the fandom #Melfest
Suggesting the group name 'Sveiino' if Jon Henrik and friends make it to Liverpool #Melfest #MelfestWorld
The final will begin with the first finalist confirmed! Jon Henrik featuring Arch North and Adam Woods, Jon Henrik will be competing in his fourth final - how high can he finish tonight? #Melfest
Jon Henrik's former #Melfest entries were miles better, I still like this one but he's trying too hard
Jon Henrik och grabbarna hade passat sa bra pa en After Ski 😂 #Melfest
#melfest2023 - My Final Top Sweden 1.Six Feet Under 4.Rhythm of My Show 5.Where You Are (Savezan) alla sorger 7.Royals 8.Mer av dig Day 10.Never Give Up 11.Where Did You Go 12.On My Way
[#MF23 - Finale Sweden ] Le trio assure une belle ouverture de finale avec un titre dance pop aux accents ethniques portes par Jon Henrik, qui visera une victoire qui lui echappe toujours apres 4 participations. Sympa, mais sans doute insuffisant pour ce soir #Melodifestivalen
#Melfest jon henrik fjallgren big tune!!!
Where You Are (Savezan) was kinda like Look Away but with some joik added to the mix #melfest #mello
This is not the year but I still want Jon Henrik in Eurovision one year #Melfest
The whole North Sweden voting for Jon Henrik😭 #Melodifestivalen
Watching Melodifestivalen from Arc North's discord! ❤️ @ArcNorth #Melodifestivalen #melfest2023
#Melfest Sweden #ESC2023🎵 «Where you are (Savezan)» – Jon Henrik Fjallgren, Arc North feat. Adam Woods Den vanliga slatstrukna svenska electropopen [en kommentar jag lar falla manga ganger ikvall] med lite jojk instroesslad har och var. Helt okej, men inget sarskilt.
jon henrik “short king” fjallgren!! #Melodifestivalen
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