Status: Eliminated
Artist: ---
Song: Pretender
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Second Chance Round
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Semi-Final 1 338 7 341 341
Second Chance Round 125 13 215 278
What the hell, Sweden.. Lillasyster out of mello?! How?! #melfest
Well- I was rooting for Frida and Lillasyster #melfest
Well. You blew your chance at something unique with Lillasyster there, Sweden. I'm not surprised but I am disappointed. #Melfest #Eurovision
Sweden, what the fuck?! Lillasyster were robbed. #melfest
Nooo RIP "Pretender" #Melfest
lillasyster is out and so am I. #mello #melfest
Naurrr we let lillasyster down #melfest
Favourites in #Melfest: 1. Lillasyster 2. Paul Rey 3. Don't make me choose, my heart is already bleeding 4. Klara
my andra chansen winners: 1. lillasyster - pretender (my favourite one tonight!) 2. paul rey - the missing piece 3. both! but if i HAD to choose - eva rydberg & ewa roos - rena rama ding dong (cause they are absolute icons) 4. efraim leo - best of me #melfest
Efraim seemed so much more confident tonight! Would love lillasyster abs him through tonight, don't really care about the others #melfest
Who I want in each duel: 1. Lillasyster 2. Paul Rey 3. Both 4. Klara #melfest
'Pretender' is a decent tune. #Melodifestivalen #Melfest
Duel 1 winner for me: Don't really care. Prefer Alvaro's song, but Lillasyster is staged SO much better #Melfest
I'm a middle aged lady so Lillasyster is more my speed than Blind Chains, bring them into the final! #melfest
I'm 100% Pretender's key demo and yet, I feel absolutely nothing. #melfest
I just want to say: Lillasyster were better in the semifinal. Now they sound weak and not so epic. I'm dissapointed :( #melfest
Having not heard it before now, I wasn't prepared for that particular part of Pretender #melfest #melfest2021
Pretender is way better than Baila Baila imo, but both have questionable lyrics. #Melfest
Duel 1 - Pretender to win! #melfest Sweden
Ooh Pretender! I rather like this version tbh #melfest
Pretender is cool! I love the balance between heavy metal and trashy pop rock #melfest
Pretender wins this duel to me #melfest
I want Pretender to win this duel because we need some rock in the final. But it's hard to call this one #melfest
I mean, Lillasyster are no Blind Channel but this compared to *insert generic Latin American sounding pop song here* is no contest. #Melfest #Eurovision
I truly hope Pretender doesn't get thru #melfest
My #Melfest winners tonight: - Lillasyster - Frida Green - Eva & Ewa - Efraim Leo
Been a while since we had a good rock song in the final so I really hope Pretender makes it #melfest
If Lillasyster don't win this duel, I will protest ! #melfest
I believe in Lillasyster Supremacy #melfest
Lillasyster deserves to win this duel alot more than that basic as generic latino pop #melfest
I like pretender but I don't think it'll win over baila baila sadly :< #melfest
I love Pretender, why they had to put Lillasyster and Alvaro agaisnt each other #melfest
Yes Lillasyster! Light a fire under my butt! #melfest
HELL FUCKING YEASHSHSHS PRETENDER #melfest #melodifestivalen2021 #melodifestivalen #mello
I love Pretender a lot why is this duel so hard #Melfest
when pretender's snippet came out and i sounded so bad BUT THEN THE WHOLE THING BLEW MY MIND UGH #melfest
Sweden #melfest #eurovision Lillasyster's "Pretender" have almost 2 million streams on Spotify and all of those were from me.
Don't get me wrong I want Alvaro to win but I also love Pretender #Melfest
I think I prefer Pretender as a song, but I'd rather Alvaro make it through, I guess? So I don't mind one way or another #melfest
please I don't want Lillasyster in the final #Melfest
Oh you like Lillasyster? Name one more song #melfest
go lillasyster #melfest
Go Lillasyster! #melfest #ingetstopparmello #mello2021
Alvaro Estrella v Lillasyster. This contest could use a song with some more edge. Rock for the win! #melfest
#melfest i dont wanna lose either baila baila or pretender i hate it here
#melodifestivalen time for Lillasyster to qualify so they can bring some rock to the final!
Rooting for Lillasyster, Paul Rey, and Klara! Do not mind who wins Duel 3 at all #Melodifestivalen
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