"We have just won Love Island!" Congratulations Paige and Finn, we can't wait for the housewarming invite #LoveIsland
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An amazing moment for an amazing couple. Here's when Paige and Finn became your winners #LoveIsland
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They've made us laugh, cry and feel all the love! Love Say hello to your winners, Paige and Finn #LoveIsland
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Their time in the villa has been an actual fairytale, 100%! Siannise and Luke T are your second place couple #LoveIsland
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Their smiles have lit up the villa ever since they coupled up Huge congrats to Luke M and Demi, they finish in third place #LoveIsland
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Ched muscled his way into Jess' heart, and they've been inseparable ever since. Congrats on finishing in fourth place! #LoveIsland
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Hands up if you cried happy tears watching the Islanders' declarations #LoveIsland
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Ladies and gents, your class of 2020. What a bunch of beauts! #LoveIsland
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100% stunning #LoveIsland
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Can we just take a moment for our four final boys? Love #LoveIsland
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The perfect track by @LilyMooreMusic gave us a truly emotional end to the Islanders' last day in the villa Love #soundsofloveisland #loveisland #lilymoore #GodOnlyKnows #ad
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Some of our Islanders have got the moves... and some have got two left feet #LoveIsland
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When a rare bop from 2007 comes on shuffle #LoveIsland
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It's time. Who will be crowned your winning couple? The final starts on @itv2... NOW! #LoveIsland
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Our Islanders really are one funny bunch, aren't they?
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Who have you awarded the 'Banter boss of the villa'? And who did you lot think had the best sauce? Yep... it's Love Island awards time! #LoveIsland
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This week Chris asks the TikTok army to #BeKind, listen to one another and show the love #ad
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First Look: Our finalists get their dancing shoes on, and things get emotional ahead of the Love Island Prom #LoveIsland
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If there's one thing we know about our Islanders, it's that they're 100% stunnin', they even say so themselves...
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