Who's ready for another bombshell? This former Miss Newcastle is looking for a "Jack the lad" in the villa. Meet Rebecca: #LoveIsland
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This challenge has really got Callum in a flap #LoveIsland
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Weighing up whether to have a pizza or salad for dinner like it's a hard decision #LoveIsland
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Friend: What's your fave Ariana song? Me: #LoveIsland
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Trying to work out what my horoscope means like... #LoveIsland
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When your boss e-mails you saying "can we have a quick chat" #LoveIsland
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"Daddy Mike needs to keep out of everyone's business" #LoveIsland
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Get you a man who can do both #LoveIsland
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OK, what should Mike and Leanne's couple name be? #LoveIsland
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Brb just playing this clip of Mike and Leanne being adorable on repeat Love #LoveIsland
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Protect Jess at all costs Love #LoveIsland
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Who's ready for more action from the villa? It's time to turn on @itv2! #LoveIsland
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Wonder if it's Connor or Connagh that's responsible for this expression... Find out tonight at 9pm on @itv2. #LoveIsland
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FIRST LOOK Tension starts to spread after the results of the recoupling and a game in their pairs leaves a sour taste in Connor's mouth... #LoveIsland
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Leanne answers your juicy questions in the first Beach Hut hook up of the series! From revealing who her Love Island besites are, to giving us the latest on her and Mike - it's all the goss you want to hear and more #LoveIsland
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