Remi Lambert

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 8
Finished: Episode 12
Instagram: @RemiLambo
Remi the king of I've got the best game loool you didn't last #LoveIsland
bye remi was nice knowing u Love Love Love Love #LoveIsland
Sorry Remi, they didn't even give you a chance the boy cockblocked you the entire time and so sorry hunnie, but at least I'm free and you're free lol *wink wink* lmao #LoveIsland
Remi, I thought you had the best game LOOOOOOOOOOOOL #LoveIsland
Remi going home to crump on Deansgate. Good luck to that man #loveisland
Remi it was nice knowing you good bye #LoveIsland
He's handsome he makes me smile Yh long day remi #LoveIsland
Remi didn't even get a chance to shine, now time for the TL to support the bro with his rapping and dancing guise #LoveISland
I hope Remi enjoyed his free holiday, he can go work on his dance moves now xo #LoveIsland
Remi never stood a chance man LOOOOOL be packing your bags man #LoveIsland
i feel bad for remi hope he finds his breakdancing queen #loveisland
Sad don't feel like Remi had a good chance! #LoveIsland
nooo i rlly liked remi he was so fine #LoveIsland
All jokes aside though I do hope Remi is well, he looked down #LoveIsland
Looks like it's curtains for our rapping legend Remi #LoveIsland
I hope Remi gets the support he needs cause it's gonna be a lot #LoveIsland
Honestly feel for Remi. That's not what he expected Love Island would be like, and to top it off people are laughing at his dancing/rap. He was too 'chill'. You need to be more energetic to pry the girls away in the villa. #LoveIsland
I can't imagine what Remi is going to come back to. The way he's been roasted is too funny #loveisland
Remi head up dosen't look good going out like that but you have to make an impact #Loveisland
It's okay I'll have remi - he is really good looking I cant lie #loveisland
Remi is gonna need therapy when he logs into Twitter anyway best he starts early #LoveIsland
remi dancing his way home tonight Love #LoveIsland
Lol I knew that was going to be Remi's fate. No one paid attention to him #loveislanduk #loveisland
Remi's best bit #LoveIsland
Nah Remi really came in saying he's got the best game bye man! #LoveIsland
LOOOL was that Remi? #LoveIsland
You lot dont even understand how happy i am that remi didnt even last a week in this show #loveisland
Remi is actually going home. I feel bad for him. He deserved more time man #LoveIsland
Loool remi bye #LoveIsland
Remi better get his own talent show segment on aftersun #loveisland
Now that Remi is out, can all his friends and family PLEASE tell him to give up on the rapping. #LoveISland
Loooooool Remi off to back Twitter you go #LoveIsland
Aww Remi, it's been nice. Bye #LoveIsland
remi knows he's going home lol #LoveIsland
Remi nice chat m8 #LoveIsland
Remi. Is your bag packed dear?? Don't forget your pynt and danzin timbs xx #LoveIsland
Feel bad on Remi , he didn't get the chance to shine and show who he is ! I hope we get to see more of him outside this show ! #loveisland #Remi
remi deserved better abeg #LoveIsland
Good sport Remi #loveisland
What happened to Remi having the best rizz? #LoveIsland
I already knew Remi would be going home sha LOOOL #LoveIsland
Remi best bits in the villa #LoveIsland
Y'all leave Remi alone and his dancing, we love you Remi #TeamRemi and now you're single Ahem ahem I'm here lol #LoveIsland
hoping remi is going #LoveIsland
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