Reece Ford

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 39
Finished: Episode 42
Instagram: @_reeceford
Dear Reece, Thank you for your interest in this recoupling. We were blown away by the level of interest in this position and unfortunately have chosen to move forward with another candidate. We wish you every success in the future. #LoveIsland
Nah ngl it feels like love island has knocked Reece's confidence. Send him love peeps #LoveIsland
reece is so nice bless him #LoveIsland
Danika interviewed Reece and gave constructive feedback lol #LoveIsland
i just know Iain is proud of himself with all these reece ford jokes #loveisland
Reece Is gorgeous but dopeyyyy Like Doh #LoveIsland
I bet if you handed Reece your Hamster for a cuddle he'd squeeze it till it's eyes popped out whilst maintaining eye contact with you and smiling. #LoveIsland #LoveIsland2022
Reece handled that like a king bless him #LoveIsland
Who's gonna win love island? Whoever Reece decides to spare in their sleep #LoveIsland
Does Reece have any other vocabulary other than yeah? Lol #LoveIsland
Looool Reece isn't feeling that #LoveIsland
Bless him, Reece, seems a genuinely nice guy, but, he's been proper unlucky, from the minute he entered the villa! #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
Loool reese gona start resetting his jaw again #loveisland
The yeahhhhh definitely is as the convincing Reece #loveisland
bless reece i acc kinda feel bad for him he seems nice #LoveIsland
Reece is nice. But completely out of his depth on this show #loveisland
Not Reece speaking like he has a sweet potato in his throat , he is the true definition of thirsty #loveisland
Reece really just got told thank you for expressing interest in this job, but we've decided to go in a different direction #LoveIsland
Reece is one of those guys that has always been good looking so he never had to develop any sauce #LoveIsland
aw i want better for reece #Loveisland
Reece is such a nice guy, but completely out of his depth on this show #loveisland
Reece has handsome squidward face #LoveIsland
I feel bad for Reece. I actually like him #LoveIsland
Yeah don't get too comfortable Reece and Natty you'll be gone tonight babz #loveisland
lol bye reeces pieces #LoveIsland
REECE not the best news #LoveIsland
But I love Reece what a sweetie #loveisland
My man Reece speaks like he just had his wisdom teeth out #LoveIsland
Reece us away with fairies Love #LoveIsland
Unpopular opinion but now that I've gotten used to Reece's voice, it actually doesn't bother me. I like the fact that it's quiet and soft, not abrasive and annoying #LoveIsland
Nathalie is trying to make herself happy with Reece. We all know it's fake #LoveIsland
Bless Reece, lights on but no one's home #loveisland
Feel for Reece. He was never going to get a chance this late on. #Loveisland
I like Reece, I feel like he actually came in to look for a connection, I hope he finds it when he gets dumped tonight #LoveIsland
Reece would be better looking without the veneers ngl #LoveIsland
Reece: I'm fine Also Reece: #LoveIsland
Reece gettin Friendzoned Left Right & Centre Bless Him #LoveIsland
Reece: I'm fine #LoveIsland
If you didn't feel anything with Reece then why'd you let him kiss you #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK #loveisland2022
Reece has such a standout personality! #LoveIsland
Reece speaks like he's got a mouth full of ice cream #LoveIsland
I feel so bad for Reece #LoveIsland #justiceforreece
reece deserves better #loveIsland
Reece has a very weird looking mouth lol can't explain what it is #LoveIsland
No disrespect but Reese reminds me of the big gingerbread man from shrek 2 #loveisland
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