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Im surprised Jay isnt interested in Danica as she is a petite brunette like Paige. Also Antigoni is gorgeous and lovely why is no one interested in her? I thought Jay and her had good chemistry! #loveisland
never bought into this nice girl persona from Paige, will be some laugh when Jacques patches her at casa lmao #LoveIsland
paige saying jacques has a good personality makes me question if she's really that sweet and nice #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland jacques being so excited about spooning paige < Love 33333
this nice girl act from paige LOL we seeing straight through it #LoveIsland
Paige is so beautiful lol she might be too 3 in the villa #LoveIsland
Dami and Indiyah look very good together and are cute I'll admit but I don't think they're strong enough to last. Idk I feel like Dami's head will turn during casa amor and i think him and paige secretly like eachother (they suit too) #LoveIsland
No wonder Tasha and Paige are best of friends, they are both snake and fake #loveisland
Paige is so fake. She's surface level nice but not kind or genuine #LoveIsland
After you frosted her out!! Now you want a hug to be the 'nice' girl!! I ain't playing with these acts from her and Paige!! #LoveIsland
You only have to scroll through my paige to see i've supported her the whole way through. My winner #loveisland
Paige is nice. Indiyah is kind. There's a big difference #LoveIsland
Why do we keep giving Paige grace? She loved Jacques she LOVES his personality. I'm not taking paracetamol for her #LoveIsland
Am I the only one who doesn't get the hype about how 'lovely' Paige is not feeling her #Loveisland
Paige loves playing a sweet girl, which she's not #LoveIsland
Told you Paige is a nice girl but not kind #LoveIsland
i love jacques and paige they're so cute #LoveIsland
Funny how people go from loving someone to disliking them within secondscough cough Paige #LoveIsland
Liberty was a great example of someone who's kind. Paige is not #LoveIsland
Someone on Tiktok said Paige is a nice girl but Indiyah is a kind girl n now I get it #LoveIsland
Oh Dear Paige all the best!#loveisland
Damiyah, Jacques and Paige my favourite couples Love Love #LoveIsland
Andrew and Dami running around the villa trying to make up with Tasha and Indiyah meanwhile Jacques gives Paige a nice sorry I guess LOL #LoveIsland
I've had so many male and female friends like Paige. I thought they were the nicest people but they were real haters behind my back that's why I never bought that nice girl act #LoveIsland
Im not happy with Paige any more. She seems like hard work. Danica FTW. #controversialopinion #LoveIsland
Paige is too sweet for her own good. I feel like she's the kind of girl who would ignore abuse and be like oh but he said it was an accident! He said he won't do it again #LoveIsland we need to save our girl. Vote Jacket potato off now!!!
Finally agreed to watch #LoveIsland with the wife. Couple shrewd judges I know reckon Jacques and Paige (current favs) would be a lay opportunity with more volume in the market.
That was a nice speech by Paige proper genuine #LoveIsland
Antigone knows her self worth. Ekin su, Paige take note lol #LoveIsland
Paige's niceness is performative. She thinks shes slick with it lol #LoveIsland
I just want Paige to find love but trust me it ain't with jaques #LoveIsland
Antigoni chill they owe you no loyalty. And please why is Paige proper excluding Indiyah and Danica #LoveIsland
Danica babes, you don't have to explain anything. If Jay really wanted Antigoni, he should have gone for her at the very beginning and not Paige. So she wants to be second best?#loveisland
I want better for you Paige babes but you don't want better for yourself so no problem. Sis even said she's obsessed with his personality? Ya Allah #LoveIsland
Paige is not a nice girl, really moving cliquey there this is not secondary school babes #LoveIsland
Can we revisit how Paige said she likes Jacques personality??? Yeah not sure about this babe #LoveIsland
atp maybe voting jacques and paige out might b the best option #loveisland
paige could've had it all if she'd just closed her mouth LMAOOO #loveisland
Paige and Antigoni are such fake nice and pick me's. Only thing they have going is the boys think they're sweet #LoveIsland
Paige? Babes. I'm voting for you next. Liking Jacque was the first red flag & now this? #LoveIsland
Paige is such a mean girl. No wonder she's attracted to Jacquessame energy. #LoveIsland
please paige, tasha and jac out next. TRIPLE ELIMINATION Love #LoveIsland
lol i never liked paige from the start sorry. u lot are seeing her true colours now #Loveisland
Paige what do you mean better??? happy???? his vibe??? personality??? why are you blind???? #loveisland
Producers!! Get Paige a nice man I'm talking Camilla's Jamie like a proper nice MAN please #LoveIsland
Paige is one of them uni girls who cooks for the mandem, we love a considerate queen! #LoveIsland
Hoping paige gains some sense in the re coupling #LoveIsland
Wow, fucking subtle Paige. #LoveIsland
Guys, I took off my blind fold yesterday and I hope Paige leaves Jacques soon. The guy is no good #LoveIsland
Paige, you're too good for him mate #LoveIsland
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