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Gemma & Luca acting like they've been married thinking it's going to help them win LMAOOOOO #LoveIsland
Luca is in love elk LMFAOOOOO #loveisland
Why is Luca looking at Andrew like that lol he's so funny #LoveIsland
Luca ironing gemma top lmaoooo mtchewww he will regret doing that after she get off with someone else at casa amor #LoveIsland
I know Andrew is getting walked all over but why's Luca pulling faces like he has t told Gemma he's obsessed with her and basically in love with her #LoveIsland
Danica please pick luca again lmaoooo #LoveIsland
Lmao Dami going 'bro' to Luca #LoveIsland
I know it's mean to say, but I don't want to see Luca happy #LoveIsland
LMAOOO THE WAY LUCA JUMPED ON THE TABLE LIKE A CAT and then Dami told him off like he's his dad #Loveisland #TALKWITHASH
Not buying Gemma s feelings for Luca .. think it's just for the win #LoveIsland
luca thinks he's going to win i can just tell #LoveIsland
Luca she had to say nice things about you mate #LoveIsland
Omg Luca ironing Gemma's little top he's so cute! I need to find myself a Luca #LoveIsland
Dami can't stand Luca lmao #LoveIsland
Luca saying Jesus Christ as if he isn't in love with Gemma #LoveISland
Luca take some notes mate. What Andrew is doing is sweet #LoveIsland
Luca was waiting for this speech man is in love look at his face #LoveIsland
luca is such a hater man. how you scowling up your face like that at other man making their girls happy? #loveisland
Gemma don't like Luca lol #LoveIsland
awww luca finally gets to hear what gem says he was so excited for that last time #LoveIsland
Luca has really nice teeth #Loveisland
Luca never fails to make me laugh with his facial expressions lmao #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland ok. I wanna see Indiyah/Dami, Ekin-Su/Davide, Danica/Andrew, Tasha/Charlie, Gemma/Jacques, Paige/Jay, Antigoni and a new guy because she's too good for Luca.
nah Luca is in loveeee boy. That was like a scene from an American Rom com #LoveIsland
Can nobody see that Jaques is genuinely happy for gemma and luca #loveisland
Luca acting like he's not in love with Gemma #Loveisland
Luca really doesn't like Tasha, it's actually hilarious #LoveIsland
paige and jacqs and gemma and luca can be in the bottom 2 couples Love #loveisland
Dami takes pleasing Indiyah very seriously Luca #LoveIsland
luca is loving hearing gemma talk about her feelings for him #LoveIsland
why does jacques smile more at luca than paige #LoveIsland
Luca you cannot judge, you are " obsessed" with Gemma #LoveIsland
if she picks davide I see the top 3 being, if they make it past casa obviously Gemma, and luca Indiayah and dami davide and ekin #loveisland
Luca is loving this #LoveIsland
Jacques can get in the bin. Walking red flag him and his bestie luca can go #LoveIsland
Everytime I see Luca smile I just see teeth #LoveIsland
Luca's teeth are bright my God #LoveIsland
Fair play to Luca if Gemma Owen flashed me I'd be ironing every single bit of her clothing #LoveIsland
Nah Luca ironing for Gemma is kinda cute #loveisland
I KNOW that Luca isn't the one saying Omg about falling in love #LoveIsland
Feel like Luca and Gemma are genuinely falling in love #LoveIsland
Gemma saying her feelings for Luca grow stronger and stronger #LoveIsland
Luca gonna be even more obsessed with Gemma now #LoveIsland
Are we sure Charlie isn't just an Itv big wig? Also I want to see luca's old teeth. #LoveIsland
Luca and Andrew are so obsessed with their ladies #LoveIsland
Jacques smiling at Gemma's speech for Luca same way he was so chill when Jay said he wanted to get to know Paige #loveisland
Danica loves getting rejected doesn't she.. first Luca, now Jay. What's up with her!? #LoveIsland
All Luca wears is that top haba #loveIsland
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