Liam Llewellyn

Status: Withdrew
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 5
Twitter: @liamllew_
Instagram: @liamllew_
I really hope Liam is happy one of the most genuine lovely people on there #LoveIsland
Bless Liam. I hope he finds someone on the outside. He's such a sweet guy Love Love Love #LoveIsland
Good on Liam for leaving. He's realised that the genuinely nice guys who want to find the love of their lives just get trampled on and taken for granted in there. Toxic environment. Very mature decision. Respect. #LoveIsland
Bless Liam. Best to walk away if he not feeling it. He's a good looking boy so his dm will be blowing up #LoveIsland
Hopefully Liam finds his perfect queen, on the outside abseloulty loved him. What a positive, young lad he is #loveIsland
I love when people think about themselves and what is good for them. When u don't feel like yourself your mental starts to get affected. Love island as a process is just not for everyone and that's okay. Hope Liam is alright though Love #LoveIsland
Said it from day one: Liam's magnanimity, honour and valour are reminiscent of a newly-released Mandela. Good luck to you, son. #Liam #LoveIsland
I respect it. Said he wasn't 100% himself. Head held high. Dignity in tact. Classy exit #Liam #LoveIsland
Poor Liam. Good for him for being true to himself though. The grass isn't always greener and maybe he just realised there's more important things out there. Better to go back to the people who genuinely care for him than be with people you hardly know. #LoveIsland
I don't blame Liam for leaving to be fair. The experience of Love Island is intense and sometimes you won't realise that the process isn't for you until you are in it. Hope he finds a babes in the outside world #LoveIsland
I am glad that Liam is so emotionally aware at such a young age. #mentalhealthfirst He will make a great partner for the right person one day #LoveIsland2022 #LoveIsland
Liam was the most genuine guy and the sweetest smh he deserved better but then again it's a right decisions or his mental health #loveisland
Awwwww Liam Bless him. I hope he finds a lovely girl outside the villa #LoveIsland
Liam noticing that it was good for him to be in the villa, and choosing to leave just makes me warm. Love a man who can take care of his mental health #loveisland
Liam actually seems like a decent lad, hope he feels better #LoveIsland
Bye Liam. He's a good guy. But just not for #loveisland. However I do like his catchphrase. I am here to use LoveIsland baybeee forever. Liam's legacy. Love
me on my way to gatwick to tell liam he's adored by the whole uk and has my heart forever Love #LoveIsland
Gotta feel for Liam there, people saying it's 'only' been four days have clearly never been surrounded by people into eachother 24/7 when ur on your own lmao good on him doing what's best for him! #LoveIsland
Why am I crying at #LoveIsland tugging at the heart strings seeing lovely Liam go
I'm heartbroken, you where the only genuine, sweet caring lad in there. You should be so proud of yourself Love we love you liam !! #LoveIslandUK #loveIsland #LoveIsland2022
Can we all follow Liam on IG and give him some love. Hope he is okay #LoveIsland
Nah justice for Liam I just want him to be happy #LoveIsland
Liam will be popular with the ladies outside the villa. I feel he just looked/seemed too young. If he was like 5 years older he would've done better #LoveIsland
I do hope Liam gets what he needs, whatever that may be - I hope he gets it! He seems like a lovely lad. #loveisland
Bless Liam's heart, I want to just cuddle him #loveIsland
Let's take a moment to look back at Liam's best bits Love #loveisland
Sad that liams left I hope he knows the whole nation loves him Love #loveisland
liam babes ill be waiting at cardiff airport to give you a hug Love #loveisland
omg Liam Love I'm actually crying #LoveIsland
no my heart breaks for liam he deserved so much better but i genuinely hope he finds someone on the outside #LoveIsland
Well I think we can all agree Liam went into #LoveIsland for the right reasons. He's so cute! He could've ridden the nice guy train for a while and played a game but, clearly not there for that.
We love you liam.. happy you choose yourself #LoveIsland
honestly i love liam so much. i hope he's okay #loveisland
Great. Liam, the only tolerable and likeable person, has left #LoveIsland
Liam's such a genuine guy. If he doesn't feel at it, then that's fairs. Rest up and go again on the outside, king. Ik it's not been long, but the people in there genuinely connect with him so much already as friends & will be straight to see him once they're out. #LoveIsland
Let's take a moment to look back at Liam's best bits Love #loveisland
Imagine the pure joy on Liam's face when he hears Wales are off to Qatar though take that over any potential relationship in a million years #LoveIsland
On a serious note tho, at least Liam knows what's good for him. I guess I'm happy for him even though I want him to stay. #LoveIslandUK #LoveIsland
Bless Liam he looked pale and didn't seem himself. Seemed a genuine lad. Deserve better than Gem-meme-a #LoveIsland
Nooo poor Liam has me crying #LoveIsland
Brave move Liam put your mental health first buddy. No show is worth jeopardising your happiness for #LoveIsland
Oh Liam fair play to him realising he wasn't enjoying it and deciding it was better to leave #LoveIsland
Its okay Liam you can always join these guys on tour #LoveIsland all the best #awwliam
You can just tell Liam is such a genuine person I hope he's okay #loveisland
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