Lacey Edwards

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 39
Finished: Episode 42
Instagram: @layedwards
I love lacey she gives me good vibes bless her shes so sweet #LoveIsland
It's too funny watching Lacey pretend like this. Lmaoooo #LoveIsland
laceys a good actor #LoveIsland
Lacey is so.. i don't know lol #loveisland
Lacey is such a lovely girl. Definitely deserves more air time x #loveisland
I feel like Lacey is playing a big game #LoveIsland
he tried? Yeah Lacey not buying it #loveisland
I like Laceys thinking! Makes sense #loveisland
How can Lacey say 'I've got you more than anyone'you've all known eachother for like a few days #LoveIsland
The bombshells this week are BORING, omg minus Lacey idk why they are bothering lol #LoveIsland
Lacey said I can't do BLM anymore h3lp #LoveIsland
Is it just me but Lacey reminds me of Siannise? #LoveIsland
lacey is so similar to siannise #LoveIsland
Is it jus me or does lacey give me major Kacey musgraves #LoveIsland
take a shot every time lacey says 'we get on so well' #LoveIsland
who is lacey??? #loveisland
Lacey should've got longer in there #LoveIsland
Lacey is definitely Kate Middleton's relative #LoveIsland
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