Jazmine Nichol

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 24
Finished: Episode 28
Instagram: @jazminejaynenichol
Mate that girl in red. Jasmine??? she has said two words lmaooo #Loveisland
jazmine is just stood there for decoration bless #loveisland
#loveisland Jazmine got a nice city break.
me acting surprised when jazmine goes home even tho we've seen a grand total of 10 seconds of her #LoveIsland
Jasmine just standing there like some extra from eastenders #LoveIsland
Jasmine is actually alive then is she #LoveIsland
Jazmin looks fiery in that dress! #LoveIsland
Did jasmine even get any airtime?! #LoveIsland
most we've seen of jazmine #LoveIsland
Second time I've seen Jasmine since Casa Amour #LoveIsland
I'm devastated that Jazmine didn't get a proper chance #loveisland
Lmao even forgot about Jazmine #LoveIsland
Did we ever actually see anything of this girl? I swear I've never seen her until the recoupling #LoveIsland #jazmine
#LoveIsland I didn't know who Jasmine was until 10 minutes ago
is that jazmine stood up there?? #loveisland
First time I'm seeing JASMINE #LoveIsland
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