Jay Younger

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 8
Finished: Episode 31
Twitter: @JayYounger_
Instagram: @JayYounger_
Jay has been so nice, zero arrogance, amazing workout what a great gorgeous guy @JayYounger_ #LoveIsland
Jay had his fair amount of chances. If he likes come back next season lol #LoveIsland
That was an easy decision who was you going to save jay? Lol #loveisland
They're gonna say Jay has had enough chances finding love #LoveIsland
I'm glad Jay's gone. He's had too many chances! #loveisland
jay is actually so sexy i can't peel my eyes off of him #loveisland
I'm so happy Jay is going home like he was just taking up space #loveisland
justice for jay! only one who remained respectful in casa despite being single #LoveIsland
I really like Jay and I'm not suggesting he should have just settle with anyone but every girl he's been paired with he's friend zoned and not even given a chance #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
Jay's memorable moments. I only care about Training, Eating and sleeping. Is there anything? #loveisland
jay has had lots of chances so it's fair #loveisland
Jay was too tactical for his own good, bottled it like Pep in the UCL #LoveISland
mate i loved jay sm #LoveIsland
LOOOOL man said are you gonna lips me like you lipsed Jay #loveisland
Bye jay. Nice knowing you #LoveISland
How I'm sleeping tonight knowing that Jay was 100% honest and true to himself but didn't find love #LoveIsland
YESSSSS, bye Jay. Saves me looking at a carbon copy of my ex boyfriend every night #LoveIsland
jay was defo one of the good lads #loveisland
Jay has had enough chances please #Loveisland
I actually really like Jay, he's sweet #LoveISland
Not having to see jay again has made me happy #LoveIsland
So glad jay came out single #loveisland
me and my home girl happy that Jay has left the villa so we can go pick him up #loveisland
I'm glad jay's gone icl #LoveIsland
Coupling up with jay probably wasn't the best idea #Loveisland
LOL, He Should've stayed BLM Jay #LoveIsland
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