Jamie Allen

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 39
Finished: Episode 45
Instagram: @jamie_allen12
Thank you Jamie for being the only boy this season to help with a girls' suitcase #LoveIsland
Jamie does not look happy #LoveIsland
Lol will Jamie's team take him back during preseason #LoveIsland
Well done Jamie. Sacked off his career for 10 minutes in the villa. #LoveIsland
that was a good answer from jamie but i don't trust him #LoveIsland
Jamie is cute for taking her suitcase not enough guys do that #LoveIsland
Damn Jamie hope that contract is still there for you #LoveIsland
who a better footballer Jamie or Toby #LoveIsland
Was hoping Jamie would stay in there longer, back to football for him I suppose now! #LoveIsland
Some reason didn't like Jamie anyway. I think she could do better. #LoveIsland
I'm walking out of here with my dream man Jamie.. #LoveIsland
proud of herself for going on tv and failing to win money. her and jamie have probably not even exchanged numbers ffs #LoveIsland
As if Jamie left pre-season for like 4 days in the villa #LoveIsland
Was missing pre-season really worth it Jamie? #LoveIsland
At least Jamie can get back in time for the end of pre-season #LoveIsland
Well jamie can go back to pre season training #LoveIsland
Jamie was on a 2-week loan and he's already been sent back#LoveIsland
Time for Jamie to head to pre-season!! Unserious footballer #LoveIsland
Jamie when he turns up for training on Friday #LoveIsland
jamie gonna be back before preseason ends #LoveIsland
Jamie out in time for small pre season football, all is well #LoveIsland
Jamie Allen #LoveIsland highlights 2022
Maybe Jamie can go back to playing football before the season starts #LoveIsland
Jamie on Monday after his short holiday on #LoveIsland
Jamie can make it home for the end of pre season #LoveIsland
At least Jamie will make it back for the end of pre season #LoveIsland
Jamie looked awks #LoveIsland
Jamie had no vibes at all! #LoveIsland
Jamie back out for pre season is a wild bar #LoveIsland
So Jamie's going back to Halifax #LoveIsland
On another note, I can't believe Jamie is 27???????? That man does not look a day over 24. #LoveIsland
The "why not" from Jamie is sus #loveisland
At least Jamie didn't miss too much of pre season! Time to work on those kick ups #LoveIsland
Danicakept in out of pity. I really hope Jamie's the one for her #LoveIsland
Jamie going back to the football club he pied for #LoveIsland
Jamie's stay in the villa was shorter then him #LoveIsland
Jamie going to come back to no club after he thought he could run away #LoveIsland
i cant be the only one that peeped jamie's face #LoveIsland
Jamie when he tries to come back into training #loveIsland
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