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paige saying jacques has a good personality makes me question if she's really that sweet and nice #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland jacques being so excited about spooning paige < Love 33333
Why do we keep giving Paige grace? She loved Jacques she LOVES his personality. I'm not taking paracetamol for her #LoveIsland
i love jacques and paige they're so cute #LoveIsland
Damiyah, Jacques and Paige my favourite couples Love Love #LoveIsland
Andrew and Dami running around the villa trying to make up with Tasha and Indiyah meanwhile Jacques gives Paige a nice sorry I guess LOL #LoveIsland
Finally agreed to watch #LoveIsland with the wife. Couple shrewd judges I know reckon Jacques and Paige (current favs) would be a lay opportunity with more volume in the market.
If Jacques stays faithful and actually changes his red flag ways I might give him a chance again :)) #LoveIsland
I just want Paige to find love but trust me it ain't with jaques #LoveIsland
Does Jacques want us to praise him for doing he bare minimum for Paige? She deserves the universe babes #LoveIsland
atp maybe voting jacques and paige out might b the best option #loveisland
Tasha just gaslights Andrew, you don't find me sexy next minute she's letting him munch her Jack and Danny get in the bin luv #loveisland
'I never been this excited by a girl ever' ur heart rate wasn't saying that last night was it jacques #loveisland
Guys, I took off my blind fold yesterday and I hope Paige leaves Jacques soon. The guy is no good #LoveIsland
have a feeling the producers told jax that he needed to calm down so that's why he had the sudden change of heart #loveisland
Paige and Jacques matching in black. Love to see it #loveisland
ok jacques and paige acc look sf happy #loveisland
Jaques is rubbing of on Paige and it's not looking good. #LoveIsland
Honestly Jacques Paige is too good for you and you need to be giving her the Andrew treatment rn WHERE ARE PAIGE'S PANCAKES AND MANICURES #loveisland
Hope I'm not the only girl seeing jacques in the nice stage of the cycle we'll see how long it takes for him to lose his head again #LoveIsland
Jacques be watching his "Ps and Qs" if he was coupled up with THIS legend!!! #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland ok. I wanna see Indiyah/Dami, Ekin-Su/Davide, Danica/Andrew, Tasha/Charlie, Gemma/Jacques, Paige/Jay, Antigoni and a new guy because she's too good for Luca.
#LoveIsland Love Paige and #Jacques Love FOREVER.. At least until Casa Amor
I think jacques doesn't like a woman who will stand her ground, he deffo loves a pushover #LoveIsland
paige and jack are giving me their vibes. the nice girl and the narcissistic #LoveIsland
Can nobody see that Jaques is genuinely happy for gemma and luca #loveisland
jacques looks so good #Loveisland
Paige obsessed with Jacques' personality?????? Is there a gun to your head darling???? #LoveIsland
Got a funny feeling Paige and Jacques are gonna end in heartbreak #loveisland
Honestly if Paige thinks Jacques is a good person then the both of them can go home #LoveIsland
Only god can save Paige if she picks Jacques #LoveIsland
Jacques is bare short compared to the rest of the boys loooool #loveisland
None of this romantic music is going to make me think Tasha and Andrew or Paige and Jacques are good couples #LoveIsland
Lol Jacques shut up u r a manipulator and a pedofile #LoveIsland
idk anymore with pacques, i love them as in the looks together but it's Jacques, it's how he speaks sometimes #loveisland
Can we all agree that Paige and Jacques need to be voted off next ?? #LoveIsland
I really hope Paige & Jacques don't last because there's so many red flags girl #LoveIsland
paige when jacques realises he should care about her feelings #LoveIsland
Tbh Paige would be better off staying with Jay, jacques is spooky #LoveIsland
Can we agree to vote out Paige & Jacques next when we can? #LoveIsland
I don't like how jacques knows he's secure #LoveIsland
Paige said she was upset and Jacques thought that was the perfect time to tell her that he was thinking of the times he had sex w gemma? I want to know how the men's brains work pls I'm still not over that #loveisland
Paige calling Jacques genuine #LoveIsland
They're trying to turn Paige & Jacques into a favourite and it's not happening on my watch this speech is too long MOVEEEEE #loveisland
WAIT?? NOW Jax cares about Age difference?? #LoveIsland
Everyone saying about Paige picking jacques but you can clearly tell the girl is smitten already, and they do say love is blind??? #Loveisland
I think Paige and Jacques are a match made in heaven. They both have mean vibes. Eww. #LoveIsland
From when Paige is okay with Jacques dating a 16 year old it will never be well for her. My empathy is capped for Paige, God speed. #LoveIsland
Jacques smiling at Gemma's speech for Luca same way he was so chill when Jay said he wanted to get to know Paige #loveisland
Hope danica picks Andrew and Paige picks anyone but jaques #loveisland
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