Jacques O'Neill

Status: Withdrew
Started: Episode 6
Finished: Episode 32
Twitter: @Jacques9oneill
Instagram: @jacques9oneill_
Im glad to see Jacques going and doing what's best for his mental health. I hope the show actually help him with after care and therapy. I hope he gets on ok and I wish him all the best. It's horrible to see him break down like this. #LoveIsland
If it's true that Jacques left I'm glad. He should take care of his mental health first and learn to love himself before he loves another person. #LoveIsland
Jaqs is defo having a mental breakdown and it shows - defo he has a good support network when he comes out because all jokes aside it's a show and real life hits even more after coming out! Hope he seeks a therapist and changes for the better! #LoveIsland
Leaving will be the best thing for Jacques, he's clearly not in a good place mentally and I hope he gets the support he needs #LoveIsland
I hope jaqs gets the support he needs. I think his adhd takes over but at the same time he controls it best he can. Bless him #loveisland
not making excuses for jacques actions but im glad hes gone home bc its so clear hes not mentally strong enough for this. i hope he grows from this and gets some support because hes at his breaking point. from someone with mental health issues too, please be kind #LoveIsland
i actually like jacques. lets hope he has the best support now he is out. #loveisland
where's the Jaques fans at? WE LOVES YOU Love #loveisland #LoveIslandUK #Jacquesandpaige
Ok yes the tweets are funny but Jacques needs like professional help like this is strange behaviour #LoveIsland
I'm glad to see the back end of Jacques from the villa, but I hope the kid gets some help. #LoveIsland
Jacques' behaviour is the textbook definition of small d*ck energy. Like a Yorkshire terrier trying to attack a great dane. Hope he seeks out some help after this. #LoveIsland
Hope Jacques gets help that he clearly needs. Cause his head isn't in a good place #LoveIsland
To be fair.. I hope Jacques gets the help he needs cause this looks like it's took it's toll #LoveIsland
Jokes aside I'm concerned for Jacques I hope that mentally he's good because something doesn't seem right #loveisland
Hopefully now that he's back home Jacques can reflect on his journey and be a better man. Wishing him all the best I guess #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
i do have a bad feeling about jacques tho i think he needs a good support system when he leaves from family/friends etc #LoveIsland
My heart is actually breaking for jacques he's really not coping Love #LoveIsland
Jacques did the best thing for himself mentally clearly, he's like a loose canon and at breaking point now I hope he gets the support he needs when he's out! #LoveIsland
Jacques clearly needs to work on himself and his emotions before trying to commit to someone. It's not nice seeing people break down like this but Jacques has done to much for me to fully empathise with him. It's best he leaves bc being here is not doing him any good #LoveIsland
As much as jax isn't the best person in the world can we actually have some sympathy towards him like mental health matters #LoveIsland
Glad Jacques is out of the show. Good riddance #LoveIsland
I'm sorry but yeah Jaques acted like a big man but it takes a man to cry and walk out the door with his head held high to try and better himself for someone he likes #LoveIsland
I'm actually crying over Jacques being all emotional and vulnerable bless him #loveisland #icantcope
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