Indiyah Polack

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Started: Episode 1
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Latest Odds: 3.85
Implied Chances: 26%
Twitter: @1ndiyah
Instagram: @1ndiyah
India and dami need to win black love is beautiful #LoveIsland
I don't think I'll ever get used to INDIYAH's beauty,she's so fineeee Love Love Love #LoveIsland
I'm glad some sensible people are now starting to see through Dami. I said from the start he's a game player and is only using Indiyah. Some people still want to buy into their situationship - that's cool. You do you. I'll continue to support Indiyah but only Indiyah #LoveIsland
Only two genuine couples in there so had to vote my faves Love #Indiyah #Dami #Damiyah #LoveIsland
If Dami and Indiyah don't win then idk what even is love #LoveIsland
Indiyah looking like a beauty Love Love #LoveIsland
Indiyah is beautiful Love #LoveIsland
Dami and Indiyah look very good together and are cute I'll admit but I don't think they're strong enough to last. Idk I feel like Dami's head will turn during casa amor and i think him and paige secretly like eachother (they suit too) #LoveIsland
Indiyah is so gorgeous i love this woman #LoveIsland
Indiyah is so damn gorgeous!! Love #LoveIsland
Beef me for all I care theyre my winners . Also Dami and Indiyah won't work on the outside he's way too friendly with girls, even Amber said- Indiyah deserves better! #LoveIsland
I love how Ekin - su is so happy with Indiyah and Dami #loveisland
Paige is nice. Indiyah is kind. There's a big difference #LoveIsland
man this is making me cry Dami is gassed I love him and Indiyah so much #LoveIsland
LOVE seeing this 5* treatment our good sis Indiyah is getting #LoveIsland
Indiyah is gorgeous gorgeous Love Love #LoveIsland
Indiyah's speech Love Love Love ,Dami's smile my heart ughh #LoveIsland
Vote: Danica and Jay (for Danica) Indiyah and Dami Couldn't care less about the others Maybe add Ekin and right wing anti immigration Davide to it too lol #LoveIsland
everyone smiling while indiyah gives her speech to dami. I LOVE IT #loveIsland
Everytime I watch love island I'm actually in shock at how beautiful Indiyah really is. She is so gorgeous! #loveisland
Indiyah thank u #LoveIsland what a babe only one there for danica actually KIND
Dami and Indiyah are already secure as the best couple so we need to keep Davide and Ekin-Su #LoveIsland
Indiyah that was so cute Look at Dami Love Love #LoveIsland
Someone on Tiktok said Paige is a nice girl but Indiyah is a kind girl n now I get it #LoveIsland
Andrew and Dami running around the villa trying to make up with Tasha and Indiyah meanwhile Jacques gives Paige a nice sorry I guess LOL #LoveIsland
Why am I smiling like this Omds . Dami and indiyahhhh Love Love #LoveISland
Indiyah is one of the nicest girls in the villa. If anyone needs a chat especially the girls she will go out of her way to listen and be supportive. We need more girls like Indiyah #LoveIsland
Andrew/Tasha and Dami/Indiyah are my faves. Love them #LoveIsland
Indiyah looks incredible the red glossy lip is a look #LoveIsland
Indiyah is so good with words bless her #loveisland
Paige hugging Indiyah was so cute #LoveIsland
Antigoni chill they owe you no loyalty. And please why is Paige proper excluding Indiyah and Danica #LoveIsland
How is Indiyah effortlessly beautiful, Lord! #LoveIsland
Indiyah is so pretty. Blown away by her beauty everyday #LoveIsland
indiyah is BEAUTIFUL man #loveisland
I don't Ekin Su and Davide together. This British public will make them win over Dami and Indiyah #LoveIsland
loving indiyah's slick back #LoveIsland
For the love of God y'all let dami and Indiyah have their moments!!! #LoveIsland
Indiyah looking sexy #LoveIsland
Indiyah is absolutely stunning #LoveIsland
Indiyah is so damn beautiful #LoveIsland
Indiyah and Dami HAVE to win #LoveIsland
If Indiyah and Dami don't win I'm rioting #LoveIsland
The couple that deserves to win is none other than Dami and Indiyah!!! #LoveIsland
I voted Dami and Indiyah Love #LoveIsland
indiyah and dami better stay together through casa amoreeee they are the unproblematic king and queen #loveisland
Indiyah has been getting the Queen treatment and I love it for her. #LoveIsland
can we acc skip to indiyah and dami winning #LoveIsland
RUN IT UP RUN IT UP (And a second phone to vote for Indiyah too can't see her go Love ) #LoveIsland
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