Ikenna Ekwonna

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 14
Twitter: @ikennaekwonna
Instagram: @ikenna._
Here's to Ikenna's account handler; thank you for entertaining us #LoveIsland
I liked Ikenna's vibes with the boys but he just seemed so chilled enjoying the free vacation without proper grafting! #loveisland
We will definitely know when Ikenna takes over his twitter from his handler. Cheers to you handler @ikenna_ek you did a great job! #LoveIsland
Thank fuck for that. No more listening to Ikenna like .. 'Yeah, mhm, that's interesting' #LoveIsland
Ikenna watching his best mate rn #LoveIsland
Ok but i need to know who was running ikennas twt acc cuz they're proper funny #LoveIsland
Funny enough, I won't miss ikenna. I will only miss his twitter handler #LoveIsland
I really hope Ikenna doesn't leaveeee #LoveIsland
Ikennas twitter handler should've been in the villa and not ikenna because they seem like they got jokes #LoveIsland
Now send Ikenna home and THEN send in a blond bombshell #LoveIsland
Feel like I was the only one rooting for Ikenna #LoveIsland
So happy to be seeing Ikenna go omdssss. Wont have to see that tongue anymore !! #LoveIsland
Catching up after weekend away and got to say, I'm impressed that Ikenna managed to sneak his long stem clay pipe in! Respect #LoveIsland
Ikenna good riddance #LoveIsland
Im still not over Ikenna leaving. Give me a episode/ bombshell to accept it #LoveIsland
Ikenna really don't gaf #LoveIsland
Ikenna's account handler has left a legacy of being the greatest love island account manager #LoveIsland
The best thing about Ikenna on love island was his mates running his Twitter account, sorry #loveisland
Ikenna when he sees everyone happy that he's gone#LoveIsland #ikenna
This is what a Black man appreciating a black woman looks like, Ikenna could never #LoveIsland
New blonde bombshell enters the villa Ikenna at home:... #LoveIsland
I will be mourning over Ikenna's exit for the foreseeable future. My king. My winner. #LoveIsland
Nah I'm bawling Ikenna #LoveIsland
I'm gonna miss this account admin ngl. Ikenna you got a good friend #LoveIsland
So do I unfollow the Ikenna page? I don't see Ikenna being entertaining #Loveisland
Nah Ikenna's account was the best part of this season #LoveIsland
Ikenna deserved better #LoveIsland
Ikenna would have been a bore as usual. Glad he's gone. Now we can watch a real couple. DID YOU SEE THAT KISS?? #LoveIsland
Ikenna, you had a nice all inclusive holiday but 2 weeks was the limit xx #loveisland
glad i never have to see ikennas nipples on screen again #LoveIsland
Just glad to see the back of Ikenna's tongue #LoveIsland
Ikenna was a cutie he just needed to meet his match #LoveIsland
Good bye ikenna #LoveIsland
She wasn't smiling like this with ikenna #LoveIsland
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