George Tasker

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 24
Finished: Episode 28
Instagram: @georgetasker__
George u better keep that mouth shut alright my parents are doing great rn #loveisland
Sorry why was George not picked hes bloody gorgeous #LoveIsland
So wait, Laura spilled tea on what the girls got up to with the boys but didn't do the same with the girls with the boys??! Coz right now, George should be singing like a canary about what happened in the bed #LoveIsland
George is about to start singing like a canary, isn't he?#LoveIsland
They're not gonna let George talk?? I think he might have some things to say?? #LoveIsland
Let George speak!!!!!! #LoveIsland
George said don't let him get away with it SHAYOOOOOOOO #LoveIsland
Oya George needs to keep pim #LoveIsland
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