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Gemma & Luca acting like they've been married thinking it's going to help them win LMAOOOOO #LoveIsland
Good thing I've never been anti Gemma. I adore the girl Love #LoveIsland
Gemma's been growing on me and it's reminding me of Amber from season 5 - no one liked her at the beginning and she ended up winning #loveisland
Love how Gemma is smiling at everyone else's speeches #LoveIsland
Luca ironing gemma top lmaoooo mtchewww he will regret doing that after she get off with someone else at casa amor #LoveIsland
I know Andrew is getting walked all over but why's Luca pulling faces like he has t told Gemma he's obsessed with her and basically in love with her #LoveIsland
Awww Gemma that was beautiful #loveisland
Andrew getting taken for a gem & he munched the beef curtain one of his family / friends needs to set up the rescue mission asap #LoveIsland
Not buying Gemma s feelings for Luca .. think it's just for the win #LoveIsland
Gemma and Ekin-su are buds again? LOL okay. #LoveIsland
tbh I would like if she took Gemma's advice to heart and left Davide for Antigoni, and get Davide in the long game. That would mean Charlie going home which is great #LoveIsland
I was smiling wen Gemma was giving a speech she's so cute omg #LoveIsland
Omg Luca ironing Gemma's little top he's so cute! I need to find myself a Luca #LoveIsland
Wow tonight I clicked Gem aint as pretty as I thought #LoveIsland
Luca saying Jesus Christ as if he isn't in love with Gemma #LoveISland
Gemma don't like Luca lol #LoveIsland
awww luca finally gets to hear what gem says he was so excited for that last time #LoveIsland
Why's gem so happy . #LoveIsland
ekin and gemma masterminding ekins love life #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland ok. I wanna see Indiyah/Dami, Ekin-Su/Davide, Danica/Andrew, Tasha/Charlie, Gemma/Jacques, Paige/Jay, Antigoni and a new guy because she's too good for Luca.
It's been three weeks ladies, someone please help Gemma with her eyebrows. #LoveIsland #TALKSWITHASH
Can nobody see that Jaques is genuinely happy for gemma and luca #loveisland
Gemma's dress Love #LoveIsland
Gemma is so happy for everyone #LoveIsland
Luca acting like he's not in love with Gemma #Loveisland
paige and jacqs and gemma and luca can be in the bottom 2 couples Love #loveisland
Gemma talks like she's conducting a mid year review lol #loveisland
Ekin & Gemma are friends now #LoveIsland
luca is loving hearing gemma talk about her feelings for him #LoveIsland
Luca you cannot judge, you are " obsessed" with Gemma #LoveIsland
Kinda going off antigoni and paige now. Smh. Making even gemma looking decent what is happening #LoveIsland
I hope they send another one of Gemma's ex's in #LoveIsland
Paige said she was upset and Jacques thought that was the perfect time to tell her that he was thinking of the times he had sex w gemma? I want to know how the men's brains work pls I'm still not over that #loveisland
Gemma & Ekin besties again? #LoveIsland
Gemma isn't being genuine #loveisland
Jay saying Dancia is too young yet it was Gemma who was raising his heart rate poor Dancia Love #LoveIsland
Nah Luca ironing for Gemma is kinda cute #loveisland
Luca ironing Gemma's top for her #LoveIsland
Gemma saying her feelings for Luca grow stronger and stronger #LoveIsland
Luca gonna be even more obsessed with Gemma now #LoveIsland
Ekin-su and Gemma are friends??!! #LoveIsland
Luca ironing Gemma's top and her ending up wearing a completely different outfit #LoveIsland
Paige, Tasha, Gemma and Antigoni are probably the driest friendship group #LoveIsland has ever seen. No vibes
I'm confused at Ekin Su and Gemma's relationship lol #loveisland
Can someone let ekin know that gemma is not to be trusted #loveisland
Gemma had one chance to ditch Luca and she fumbled it #LoveIsland
ekin su and gemma are friends one minute and not the next djdjd #LoveIsland
Jacques smiling at Gemma's speech for Luca same way he was so chill when Jay said he wanted to get to know Paige #loveisland
LUCA IS WHIPPED, ironing gemmas top #LoveIsland
Gemma got a man ironing her two piece omg??? fair enough #LoveIsland
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