Ekin-Su Culculoglu

Status: Winner
Started: Episode 3
Finished: Final
Instagram: @ekinsuofficial
Ekin-Su and Davide are your 2022 winners! | Love Island 2022
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Episode 41
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Episode 11
Ekin-Su Jay: Mission Accomplished #shorts #loveisland
Episode 11
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Episode 10
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Episode 10
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Episode 10
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Episode 9
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Episode 8
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Episode 6
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Episode 5
Ekin-Su and Davide hit the gym | Love Island 2022
Episode 4
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Episode 4
FIRST LOOK: Ekin-Su rattles the girls | Love Island 2022
Ekin looks absolutely outstandingly gorgeous stunning magnificent beautiful wonderful terrific out of this world fantastic #loveisland
It's easier for to rescue Gemma now they didn't win. Thats my joy. Lol. And I am happy for EkinSu and Davide. They entertained us all season. #LoveIsland
AWWWWW MY EKIN DE HEART IS SOOOOOO HAPPY INJECT IT Love Love Love Love Love Love Love The Turkish Delight and Italian Stallion most iconic winners of all time #LoveIsland
All the couples look fantastic. Good luck to Davide and Ekin-Su My winners. Love #loveisland
This is the most emotional speech Ekin su and Davide. I think I'm liking Davide now. See me smiling from ear to ear. Perfect and unusual speech. I wish you both the best Ekinde Love #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland Ekin looking absolutely fabulous what a stunning dress Davide also dapper and handsome Love
So thrilled to see Ekin-Su & Davide as the #LoveIsland2022 winners. They've saved this series & are they deserve to win.
Ngl I would love for davide and ekin to win but I'm not completely annoyed if they don't as they know they are loved but I want them to as I really do not want Luca to win please I beg don't let him win #loveisland
First the lionesses winning the euros and now the public crowning Ekin-Su and Davide the rightful winners. Britain is great again Love #LoveIsland
I obviously want ekin su and Davide to win but this is the first time i actually don't mind who wins like this season was actually really good overall #loveisland
Listen I LOVE Ekin and Davide but I really want Tasha and Andrew to win. I'll be happy of the top three anyway though as long as it doesn't include g*mma and l*ca. #loveisland
I want Ekin Su & Davide to win because they're so funny together but I do genuinely believe Tasha & Andrew love each other the most #loveisland
Tasha's dress is beautiful. Luca and Gemma do look great together but I really want Ekin and Davide to win #LoveIsland
I'm more excited for Davide and Ekin Su to win #LoveIsland than I was about England winning the Euros
I knew Ekin and Davide were gonna win the minute I looked at Paddy Power the other day and the betting for Love Island had an option that was 'winning couple betting without Ekin and Davide', the house never loses friends #loveisland
Congratulations ekin&davide Love !! So happy they won Love Love #LoveIsland2022 #LoveIsland @LoveIsland
Andrew and Tasha are genuinely adorable and in any other year, they would be wonderful winners but this is the summer of Davide and Ekin-Su. #LoveIsland
Phew ! ,,,,, my heart Love Massive congratulations to #EKINDE aka #Ekin & #Davide the #LoveIsland2022 well deserved winners #LoveIsland
OMG YAYYYYY !!!! So happy Ekin Su and Davide won Love Love #LoveIsland @LoveIsland
literally celebrated ekin su and davide winning like most people were celebrating the womens euros yesterday #LoveIsland
Let's go! Final vote going to the best couple Love Davide and Ekin-Su to win 2022! #LoveIsland2022 #loveIslandfinal @ekinsuofficial @DavideSanclime1
I love the fact that everyone is in agreement that they're the perfect winners #loveisland I loveee ekin
Big congratulations to my favourite couple on #LoveIsland from the beginning. @ekinsuofficial and Davide , you both have been a joy to watch we now need the Davide and Ekin-Su show. Love
Davide and Ekin Su deserved to win! Both are so entertaining and 2 of the best ever contestants #LoveIsland #LoveIsland2022
Davide is amazing, Ekin is so bloody beautiful inside and out my winners no matter what #loveisland
Haven't tweeted about #LoveIsland this year but I couldn't let it end without praising Ekin-Su and Davide. They're not really like any couple we've had before and they've carried the series. Absolutely love them and I hope they either win, or last on the outside.
Thank goodness for that !! Well done ekin and davide !! Hope Gemma now realises Luca is not the one!! #LoveIsland
even though ekin and davide are MY winners , i'll be happy as long as anyone other than luca wins . #loveisland
say what u want about this season but it was incredible. from enemies to lovers, best casa amor return ever, yellow beanbag, pancake battle, ekin su and the return of adam collard, it's been amazing #LoveIsland
I'm so happy, congratulations to my favs Ekin Su and Davide. Love #LoveIsland
Love island Final already what? My winners Gemma and Luca and Ekin and davide, gonna be happy either way Love #loveisland
Ekin su never misses she always looks so good Love Love Love my winner #loveisland
The most deserving reality show winners ever, me thinks. Thank goodness and Ekin-Su for the terrace #LoveIsland
So happy with the results so far! Literally how I would've chose it. Now for our winners to be Davide and Ekin-Su, and Gemma and Luca to be the best 2nd place, then my predictions would be true #LoveIsland2022
I'm praying that gemma and Luca don't win honestly the only people who should win are ekin su and Davide #winner #please #LoveIsland #LoveIsland2022
I love how Ekin loves to show her side groin, it's so sexy Love #LoveIsland
No guys you're telling me they don't look like Hollywood superstar couple doing an interview right now? The level of beauty Ekin-Su & Davide both have is CRAZY Love #loveisland
Dear Love Island Twitter, If Lemma wins (which they won't), please ignore it and remember that Ekin De are the true winners. Sincerely, Ekin Su Daughter #LoveIsland
my ideal results: 1st - dami & indiyah 2nd - andrew & tasha 3rd - davide & ekin-su 4th - luca & gemma idk if i want tasha to win though so she can donate the money to help others like her #LoveIsland
My ekin queen better win Love #LoveIsland
so happy ekin-sue and Davide won!! Ekins reaction was brilliant #LoveIsland2022
Whatever happens, I'm still so happy for Davide and Ekin. My winnersss Love #LoveIsland
I can't wait for Ekin to win and come on social media and see how much we love and fancy her. #LoveIsland
ekin su looks absolutely gorgeous showstopping spectacular unbelievable #LoveIsland
ekin-su has the warmest energy & also looks so beautiful... that's my winner #LoveIsland
VOTE EKIN AND DAVIDE TO WIN!!! people thinking 'i'll vote for another couple bc they should have it in the bag' is gonna make them lose out on so many votes and give gemma and luca a bigger chance on winning! #LoveIsland
Chemistry aside have we ever had such a good looking couple similar to Davide & Ekin Su? Like they belong on a perfume advert??? Beautiful humans #LoveIsland
A round of applause for one of the best bombshells to ever grace the villa QUEEN EKIN SU #LoveIsland #loveisland2022
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