Davide Sanclimenti

Status: Winner
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Final
Instagram: @davidesancli
Ekin-Su and Davide are your 2022 winners! | Love Island 2022
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Episode 1
Bombshell Davide turns the girls heads | Love Island 2022
It's easier for to rescue Gemma now they didn't win. Thats my joy. Lol. And I am happy for EkinSu and Davide. They entertained us all season. #LoveIsland
All the couples look fantastic. Good luck to Davide and Ekin-Su My winners. Love #loveisland
This is the most emotional speech Ekin su and Davide. I think I'm liking Davide now. See me smiling from ear to ear. Perfect and unusual speech. I wish you both the best Ekinde Love #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland Ekin looking absolutely fabulous what a stunning dress Davide also dapper and handsome Love
So thrilled to see Ekin-Su & Davide as the #LoveIsland2022 winners. They've saved this series & are they deserve to win.
Ngl I would love for davide and ekin to win but I'm not completely annoyed if they don't as they know they are loved but I want them to as I really do not want Luca to win please I beg don't let him win #loveisland
First the lionesses winning the euros and now the public crowning Ekin-Su and Davide the rightful winners. Britain is great again Love #LoveIsland
I obviously want ekin su and Davide to win but this is the first time i actually don't mind who wins like this season was actually really good overall #loveisland
Davide's mother must be so proud watching her son win a show that isn't even in her own language. She must be elated! The whole of Italy will be rejoicing. #LoveIsland
Listen I LOVE Ekin and Davide but I really want Tasha and Andrew to win. I'll be happy of the top three anyway though as long as it doesn't include g*mma and l*ca. #loveisland
I want Ekin Su & Davide to win because they're so funny together but I do genuinely believe Tasha & Andrew love each other the most #loveisland
Tasha's dress is beautiful. Luca and Gemma do look great together but I really want Ekin and Davide to win #LoveIsland
I'm more excited for Davide and Ekin Su to win #LoveIsland than I was about England winning the Euros
I knew Ekin and Davide were gonna win the minute I looked at Paddy Power the other day and the betting for Love Island had an option that was 'winning couple betting without Ekin and Davide', the house never loses friends #loveisland
Congratulations ekin&davide Love !! So happy they won Love Love #LoveIsland2022 #LoveIsland @LoveIsland
Andrew and Tasha are genuinely adorable and in any other year, they would be wonderful winners but this is the summer of Davide and Ekin-Su. #LoveIsland
Phew ! ,,,,, my heart Love Massive congratulations to #EKINDE aka #Ekin & #Davide the #LoveIsland2022 well deserved winners #LoveIsland
OMG YAYYYYY !!!! So happy Ekin Su and Davide won Love Love #LoveIsland @LoveIsland
literally celebrated ekin su and davide winning like most people were celebrating the womens euros yesterday #LoveIsland
Let's go! Final vote going to the best couple Love Davide and Ekin-Su to win 2022! #LoveIsland2022 #loveIslandfinal @ekinsuofficial @DavideSanclime1
I love Davide and have said I want him to win but I've changed my mind you know, I want Tasha and Andrew to win now. He's the nicest bloke in there and she's alright #LoveIsland
Big congratulations to my favourite couple on #LoveIsland from the beginning. @ekinsuofficial and Davide , you both have been a joy to watch we now need the Davide and Ekin-Su show. Love
Davide and Ekin Su deserved to win! Both are so entertaining and 2 of the best ever contestants #LoveIsland #LoveIsland2022
Davide is amazing, Ekin is so bloody beautiful inside and out my winners no matter what #loveisland
Haven't tweeted about #LoveIsland this year but I couldn't let it end without praising Ekin-Su and Davide. They're not really like any couple we've had before and they've carried the series. Absolutely love them and I hope they either win, or last on the outside.
Thank goodness for that !! Well done ekin and davide !! Hope Gemma now realises Luca is not the one!! #LoveIsland
even though ekin and davide are MY winners , i'll be happy as long as anyone other than luca wins . #loveisland
I'm so happy, congratulations to my favs Ekin Su and Davide. Love #LoveIsland
Love island Final already what? My winners Gemma and Luca and Ekin and davide, gonna be happy either way Love #loveisland
I love them all My top 4 1.ekin-su and Davide 2. Andrew and Tasha 3. Gemma and Luca 4. indiyah and dami I love them all and I'm happy for whoever wins. If you don't agree with my list that's alright, I'm happy for all of them #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
So happy with the results so far! Literally how I would've chose it. Now for our winners to be Davide and Ekin-Su, and Gemma and Luca to be the best 2nd place, then my predictions would be true #LoveIsland2022
Classy winner stunning davide your one lucky bastard #LoveIsland
I'm praying that gemma and Luca don't win honestly the only people who should win are ekin su and Davide #winner #please #LoveIsland #LoveIsland2022
No guys you're telling me they don't look like Hollywood superstar couple doing an interview right now? The level of beauty Ekin-Su & Davide both have is CRAZY Love #loveisland
my ideal results: 1st - dami & indiyah 2nd - andrew & tasha 3rd - davide & ekin-su 4th - luca & gemma idk if i want tasha to win though so she can donate the money to help others like her #LoveIsland
Having not watched a second of #LoveIsland, all I know, after what my daughter has just told me, is that Susan and David are the favourites to win. Bravo to all involved.
so happy ekin-sue and Davide won!! Ekins reaction was brilliant #LoveIsland2022
Whatever happens, I'm still so happy for Davide and Ekin. My winnersss Love #LoveIsland
How is it possible that Davide is even more handsome with clothes ON?! Love canna beat a good suit!! Love #LoveIsland
Maybe a black couple are winning those year in the name of equality and inclusion lol but please we want Ekin-Su and Davide. #LoveIsland
I really hope Ekin-Su and Davide win #LoveIsland 2022 Love
If Gemma and Luca win (and I hope they don't cuz I love ekin and Davide) I hope that Gemma takes all the money #loveisland
Like if you want ekin and Davide to win! Love #loveisland #loveIslandfinal
ekin-su and davide better win lol #loveisland
Sooo Indiyah And Dami Didn't Win Elin And Davide Better Win Te Rass Lol #LoveIsland
So it's the literal spawn of Satan and a millionaire's daughter against the best couple to have ever entered the villa? I stg the UK better get this right for once. Ekin Su and Davide deserve the win. #LoveIsland
As much as I loved davide and ekin su always had a soft spot for Andrew he's so wholesome Love #LoveIsland
As much as I want Ekin and Davide to win. I generally don't mind who wins. As long as it ISNT Luca and Gemma #loveisland
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