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India and dami need to win black love is beautiful #LoveIsland
I'm glad some sensible people are now starting to see through Dami. I said from the start he's a game player and is only using Indiyah. Some people still want to buy into their situationship - that's cool. You do you. I'll continue to support Indiyah but only Indiyah #LoveIsland
If Dami and Indiyah don't win then idk what even is love #LoveIsland
Dami and Indiya are EVERYTHING though. That man is so sweet. You can tell he's actually a decent guy the way he gives advice to all the girls and guys. Love #LoveIsland
Dami and Indiyah look very good together and are cute I'll admit but I don't think they're strong enough to last. Idk I feel like Dami's head will turn during casa amor and i think him and paige secretly like eachother (they suit too) #LoveIsland
I love how Ekin - su is so happy with Indiyah and Dami #loveisland
man this is making me cry Dami is gassed I love him and Indiyah so much #LoveIsland
Indiyah's speech Love Love Love ,Dami's smile my heart ughh #LoveIsland
Dami's so cute man. Making breakfast for his babes cz it's a nice thing to do #LoveIsland
Yessss Dami. Pamper your babe with good gestures just because #LoveIsland
everyone smiling while indiyah gives her speech to dami. I LOVE IT #loveIsland
Indiyah that was so cute Look at Dami Love Love #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland loool bless dami and andrew
Andrew and Dami running around the villa trying to make up with Tasha and Indiyah meanwhile Jacques gives Paige a nice sorry I guess LOL #LoveIsland
Dami is cheesesesing, he's loving this speech & I love this for him. #LoveIsland
So fellow islanders who live with them love Dami and Indyah and see their connection, but twitter for hot takes keep seeing that Dami is not interested #LoveIsland
Why am I smiling like this Omds . Dami and indiyahhhh Love Love #LoveISland
Indiya and dami thats it's healthy black love #LoveIsland
Andrew/Tasha and Dami/Indiyah are my faves. Love them #LoveIsland
Look how Dami's smiling he loves it #loveisland
Damis smile I get it babe I'd be smiling like that too #LoveIsland
No cap Indiah & Dami can win this year #LoveIsland
Yes dami just do it to make her happy #LoveIsland
Why is it on Dami to tell the truth? Lol is it him? #LoveIsland
Lmao Dami going 'bro' to Luca #LoveIsland
Dami you don't need to know about anyone else A BEAUTIFUL GIRL just chose her to know her #LoveIsland
Wow, Dami can read minds + be I 2 places at once #continuity #loveisland @gavreilly @OrlaithCondon #timeline
Dami is sexy bro, the way man carries himself #LoveIsland
I don't Ekin Su and Davide together. This British public will make them win over Dami and Indiyah #LoveIsland
For the love of God y'all let dami and Indiyah have their moments!!! #LoveIsland
LMAOOO THE WAY LUCA JUMPED ON THE TABLE LIKE A CAT and then Dami told him off like he's his dad #Loveisland #TALKWITHASH
She never said anything this cute for ikenna so you know Indiyah likes dami omg #LoveIsland
It's her speech for me, 'she is happy with Dami' That's all that matters, Dami was literally blushing #LoveIsland
Indiyah and Dami HAVE to win #LoveIsland
If Indiyah and Dami don't win I'm rioting #LoveIsland
Dami is so cool man. Look at the drip today. Awwwwwww Damiyah Love #LoveIsland
indiyah and dami better stay together through casa amoreeee they are the unproblematic king and queen #loveisland
Dami do you wanna go lmao #LoveIsland
can we acc skip to indiyah and dami winning #LoveIsland
I will be THROWING HANDS if Indyiah and Dami don't win #LoveIsland
Dami can't stand Luca lmao #LoveIsland
I wonder who Antigoni would pick if she was first up, I'm not reading her well, could it be Davide? Dami? Jay? is Charlie to be saved? #LoveIsland
Not them coming to Dami for the inside scoop #LoveIsland
Nah indiyah and dami plssss Love they way I'm begging this guy to behave himself #LoveIsland
Dami is cheeeeeesing. I love ittt #LoveIsland
Damiiiiiii loves to gossippppp. This man loves a chin waggggg #LoveIsland
You see how Dami is comfortable he knows my babes will pick him #LoveIsland
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