Coco Lodge

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 24
Finished: Episode 35
Instagram: @coco_lodge
i really hope coco has a great and loving support system waiting for her!!! #LoveIsland
Coco im waiting for you darling Love #LoveISland
Glad Coco is gone, but wish she was around for Movie Night. She had a lot to say in Casa Amor and wanted to see if she'd keep the same energy #LoveIsland
Lol ok then coco. Very big headed she is #loveisland
Everyone please be nice to Coco as she comes back to the outside world PLEASE #loveisland
Coco don't worry the Casa girls are waiting for you with their pitchforks . All the mixup you cases?? Don't worry yaya #Loveisland
the way coco was relieved that she wasn't part of no drama the day before movie night, she really escaped by the skin of her teeth lmao #loveisland
#LoveIsland coco dad when he finds out she didnt win the 50k
I think its best Coco has gone before. Tittygate gets shown on the big screen #LoveIsland
'Coco you've done amazing in here' The UK: #loveisland
Waiting for the boys in the dm's plss coco got me crying #loveisland
3 days ago he had coco's tit in his mouth now you love him what on earth is this #LoveIsland
No one looks surpised at Coco LOOOOL #loveisland
Loooool about time coco left #loveisland
Loooool not Coco butter Ian Stirling is too muchhhh #loveisland
I'll be waiting for them boys in the DM's loooool Coco wants the other tit licking #LoveIsland
Loooool coco's waiting for dm's #loveisland
Kinda glad Coco's gone I'm not gonna lie, she looked down her nose at everyone else in there #loveisland
Glad Coco is going tbh #LoveISland
I love Coco's tit or whatever #LoveIsland
coco got out just in time tbh they would NOT be happy with her after movie night #loveisland
Praise be to God. Coco is off my screen. #LoveIsland
Coco butter u know hilarious! #loveisland
if coco stayed during movie night blood would be drawn so it's for the greater goods tbh. #loveisland
WE FUCKIN WON COCO OUT #LoveIsland #cocoout
Coco, we'll miss you and your iconic contribution #LoveIsland
I hope Coco gets the psychiatric protection she needs. The way she has been spoken about would land most people in a unit#loveisland
i love you today but was sucking coco boob a few days ago #loveisland
Coco was nice? #LoveIsland
probably for the best coco has gone #loveisland
Coco will become a global sensation after this show.. well as long as Bo Selecta returns to our TV screens atleast #LoveIsland
Yeah can't lie Coco is just a fantastic fool #LoveISland
The Dmzzzzzzzzz loool Coco #loveisland
Let's be honest Coco and her tit had served their purpose. We're grateful to them both though #LoveIsland
its a good job coco left before they show the movie the girl dodged a bullet #LoveISland
I don't think Coco wants to open her DMs looool #LoveIsland
I'm sorry to say coco's humour and how she talks is literally me embarrraaarzed in ma dmmmmmms #LoveIsland
coco came to put her face and her name on the market and gooo lool fair enough #loveisland
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