Billy Brown

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 24
Finished: Episode 39
Instagram: @billybrown11
Don't much care for Billy but this vote is a joke coming down to the islanders because its obvious who they going to save when it comes to the boys #LoveIsland
good riddance Billy you Lego man lookalike Love #LoveIsland
I hope billy found it funny when he got dumped #LoveIsland
I am so happy I don't have to watch Billy grinning all the time like a Cheshire Cat. #loveisland
i'm glad billy is gone but next we need to tackle mr tuna melt & mr tree way kiss #LoveIsland
Billy, it's just silly banter beloved Love #LoveIsland
Bye billy have a good laugh on your way out #LoveIsland
They're acting like Billy was loved #LoveIsland
good fucking riddance billy #loveisland
So glad Billy the year 6 and his banter is going home #LoveIsland
I love billy :( #LoveIsland
Lol Billy knows he's going home #loveisland
Good bye Billy #LoveIsland
Why are the girls even acting like they're going to save Billy #LoveIsland
so excited to finally get billy off my screen #LoveIsland
Billy's gone loool #LoveIsland
Good riddance Billy #loveisland
Glad Billy is gone now #LoveIsland
Tbf if hes already got a good connection they should keep Billy. Hes not got anyone. #LoveIsland
we already know billy going home. just skip to the good bit #loveisland
Billy looks like the guy who loves guns on Police Academy #loveisland
Go and show Billy love on IG. #LoveIsland
banter this, banter that i'm so glad i'm not gonna hear that anymore #LoveIsland #billy
im so glad billys gone #LoveIsland
Good riddance Billy #Loveisland
ngl it'll be fine without billy all he did was laugh at everything #LoveIsland
bye billy Love #LoveIsland
I wonder if billy will laugh when he gets kicked out #LoveIsland
As if the islanders were ever going to choose Billy. He knew rightly he was going #LoveIsland
Strong midget/dwarf looking vibes off Billy #LoveIsland
Billy trying not to crack jokes: #LoveIsland
Is this some sort of joke from whoever is running Billy's Instagram? #LoveIsland
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