Antigoni Buxton

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 15
Finished: Episode 23
Instagram: @antigoni
Pity Antigoni has left - she was a great example of a secure, confident woman who knows her worth and we could do with more people like that on TV! #loveisland
i adore antigoni. like i actually love her. #LoveIsland
antigoni is one of the most beautiful, realist girls there. just goes to show how easy it is to feel like no one likes you and doubt yourself because of how others behave around you.. when in reality you're being great, other people just can't handle the pureness. #LoveIsland
Antigoni would've deffo not connected with any of them lol, good she's gone #LoveIsland
They got rid of the nicest one in the villa Antigoni deserved better! #LoveIsland
The boys dumped Antigoni because she wasn't all over them and they've interpreted that as her not being open A massive shame cos she's objectively stunning and seems to have a great head on her shoulders. Yes I'm over-invested and yes I fancy her #LoveIsland
ANTIGONI?!?!?! What an actual joke she was the most gorgeous, real girl in there #LoveIsland @LoveIsland
antigoni was too bold dont you think? always saying she wants someone to be in love with her for her to be in love with them. now look where she's at. #LoveIsland
I'm so glad Antigoni left sorry. She wasn't good vibes #LoveIsland
I think the real reason they sent Antigoni home is because she's a real genuine down to earth take no shit woman and they felt threatened by it so have her the boot #Loveisland
Antigoni? More like Antigoneeee lol #LoveIsland
Yes, absolutely! Antigoni definitely deserved better. #LoveIsland
antigoni is the most beautiful and realest there. just shows, always be true to yourself, even if others can't see your pureness. always be a good person, if others choose to ignore that, it's their problem. #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland blimey, the only interesting girl in there ANTIGONI is gone! They need specsavers
You're a winner in my eyes Antigoni! #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
Antigoni hasn't died Jesus guys liven up! #LoveIsland
wowww I really thought they would save antigoni bc she's newer #LoveIsland
Antigoni wanted to be popular so bad in there I'm glad she's gone #LoveIsland
Antigoni had the best back on the program. Hall of fame #LoveIsland
If it was based on friendship maybe Antigoni would have still been here what a backhanded compliment #LoveIsland
I'm not really mad at the dumping ... Antigoni's sweet but oh well #LoveIsland
Antigoni i will forever miss you deserved better them boys r big Ls anyways #LoveIsland
antigoni saying she didn't even kiss anyone yet, that is a YOU problem beloved who told you to work slow #LoveIsland
Antigoni this isn't Tape babe it's home time darling #loveisland
Shaaa they better not dump Antigoni #LoveIsland
I'm so fucking glad Antigoni has gone you know #LoveIsland
antigoni is finally antigone Love #LoveIsland
anyways it was nice having antigoni on #loveisland
In the name of all that is good and holy (Antigoni) we need to send one of these home next let's PULL IT TOGETHER EVERYONE #LoveIsland
Antigoni babe I think they've done you a favour #LoveIsland
Everyone waking up tomorrow without hearing Antigoni saying good morning #LoveIsland #LoveISland #LoveIsland2022
Feeling's mutual, I was rooting for Antigoni. #LoveIsland
well everybody antigoni would be saying good morning had yas fucking voted off the right person #LoveIsland
Antigoni didn't even get the chance to promote her album #LoveIsland
Antibiotics antigoni was so excited tonight so ridiculouso #LoveIsland
Glad I don't have to see Antigonis Lucie hair anymore #LoveIsland
antigoni u deserve better queen #LoveIsland
You had the chance to get rid of the most boring couple in history and you got rid of the stunning Antigoni?,,, #LoveIsland
Can't bring vibes only to Love island when the aim is to find love. I think that's why they took Antigoni out #LoveIsland
Antigoni was honestly too nice for this show. #LoveIsland
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