Amber Beckford

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 14
Instagram: @amberbeckford
I hope amber is good safe trip baby Love #LoveIsland
fun fact: amber is the first islander called amber to not win the show #LoveIsland
These two remain the best two Ambers in #LoveIsland history. Winners as well @AmberRoseGill @Amber_Davies7
amber is the first amber to leave as the past two ambers have been winners! Congratulations Amber for breaking the winner's curse #LoveIsland
Content analysis: This article scores 38/100. The complete report can be viewed here: a bot) #LoveIsland #Incredible #Amber
Glad Amber's stank attitude is gone lol #LoveIsland
Really hope the public done their job and voted Amber out pls and thank you #LoveIsland
Nah just deeped everyone was saying Amber had like such big expectations, she HAD to win only to leave two weeks in x #Loveisland
is it just me or everyone seems so much more relaxed and friendly without Amber #loveisland
amber left the house? i keep winning today #LoveIsland
I'm like sooo happy amber is gone #LoveIsland
YESSS AMBER IS GONE the way I shouted with joy #Loveisland #LoveIsland2022
hopefully they send princess amber home. even though she's so beautiful #LoveIsland
why do I low-key feel like Amber sounds like Rochelle Humes? it's throwing me off but I love it haha #LoveIsland
This would've way more fun if Amber was still in the villa #loveisland
Keep in mind had amber stayed one more week y'all would've loved her since you flip faster than a dime #loveisland
It's very nice to see amber go #LoveIsland
Y'all too happy that Amber is gone for me #LoveIsland
I feel like that's the happiest we've seen Amber in the past few days? Maybe she was ready to leave #loveisland
Amber why do they need to tell you? Lol #LoveIsland
why are they acting like they liked amber #LoveIsland
So glad dutty fishlips ambers gone #LoveIsland
amber is gone. we won #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland life comes at you fast the other day amber was saying bye rapper and now looool bye amber
Bye Amber good riddance #LoveIsland
Good bye amber #LoveIsland
I hope you find your pretty girl - Amber Babessss he already has and it's not you #LoveIsland
Amber was true to herself but why do people think that's always a good thing? #LoveIsland
I'm so glad we got amber out #LoveIsland
I hope Amber finds her soulmate she deserves it #loveisland
So glad amber and that dress is gone #loveisland
Bye Amber lol #LoveIsland
AMBER TOO? oh it's just too good #LoveIsland
Tbh EYE for one am happy to no longer see Amber's eye rolling because sha those eyes were gonna fall off #LoveIsland
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