Afia Tonkmor

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 3
Finished: Episode 7
Instagram: @afiatonkmor
well afia it was nice knowing you, good luck on the outside #LoveIsland
afia babe ily but you have too much concealer on Love #LoveIsland
Afia best love island moments!Legend in the villa? #LoveIsland
We need to see @AfiaTonkmor get her happiness in this villa! Love her @LoveIsland #LoveIsland
I swear everyone afia likes is just a one way feeling bless her #LoveIsland
No because can someone please get Afia a beauty blender #LoveIsland
i like how those 2 new boyz will join once Afia has left lol #LoveIsland
Aww Afia you will fine the love of your life on the outside #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland Afia's so sweet Love
afia you're going home love you haven't got a chance to get to know him #loveisland
Hope Afia had a nice holiday #LoveIsland
Afia babe don't waste your time man better off grafting the air hosts #LoveIsland
lol bye Afia, I'm sorry it ended this way - she's hella cute man #LoveIsland
I believe they have a full range of fenty beauty so why does afias makeup look like that. #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland afia is a sweet girl but dear god will you get the correct colour of concealer for under the eye. Way too light. That is not the correct shade hun
Someone help Afia with her makeup, bless her #LoveIsland
Afia is beautiful, but that concealer under her eye #LoveIsland
Afia went from "i'm coming to steal your man!!" to talking about kissing pigs bumholes I want better for her #LoveIsland
1st dumping?? Welp bye Afia, hope you enjoyed love #loveisland
woow 3 seconds screen time for afia tonight madd #LoveIsland
afia, it was fun while it lasted #LoveIsland
I feel bad for afia she seems so sweet #LoveIsland
Afia looking like she's going to bang in a 40yd against Arsenal loool #LoveIsland
Why don't people like afia she seems so lovely and is always interacting w everyone #loveisland
afia don't piss me off #LoveIsland
Afia is really just here for a good time she doesn't care to find love #LoveIsland
Afia should have as much fun as she can cause sis is going ndaku #LoveIsland
Bless Afia but the hair and makeup is giving 4 day festival..why didn't the girls help her #LoveIsland
they better bring afia back and give her another chance #loveisland
Afia did her thing didn't embarrass herself and has prob gained followers so it's not that deep #LoveIsland
Looool, where is Afia? Afia will be on the plane home this week. That is guaranteed. #LoveIsland
It must be such a punch in the gut to go on this show and have literally no one even remotely interested in you, I feel sorry for Afia. #LoveIsland
Afia is a fine babe! :( #LoveIsland
where's afia? Loooool #LoveIsland
I need to know what concealer and baking powder Afia uses Love Love #LoveIsland
Nice knowing you Afia :) #LoveIsland
Afia love you ain't making it to tomorrow morning #Loveisland
Afia is been a pleasure sis #LoveIsland
Something is fishing, so is afia from SE, Waterloo or NWand does she work in a luxury members lounge or medical facility?? Hmmm #LoveIsland
Was nice knowing you Afia #LoveIsland
Bring back Afia! Love her! #LoveIsland
Afia doesn't have one memorable thing about her to leave behind, like it's actually so sad and hilarious at the same time #LoveIsland
I feel bad for Afia tbh none of the boys there showed any interest in her #LoveIsland
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