Adam Collard

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 31
Finished: Episode 48
Instagram: @adamcollard
I would really really appreciate hearing the thought process behind brining Adam back into this villa. Is it for ratings? Is it for love? Is it crack? #LoveIsland
Everyone has their opinion on one couple yeah Adam we know it's Ekinde can't wait for them to win #LoveIsland
Adam's mate just wanted a free holiday. Gotta Stan #LoveIsland
Adam is committed to this redemption arc. Tears are a nice touch. #LoveIsland
Adam wants to win #LoveIsland
Adam can't win he's showing he's a different person from what he used to be and y'all still got something to say #LoveIsland
why is adam collard crying at daddy meeting the girl he met like two weeks ago #loveisland
What has happened to Adam collard loooooooool #LoveIsland
Adam's!! Nah I can't wait for her to know how much she's loved when she comes out #LoveIsland
Omg Adam really wants that 50k second time lucky ig #loveisland
Adam really is something else Love #LoveIsland
Adam love no more need for the theatrics, you're going home #LoveIsland
adam you ain't fooling me mate #LoveIsland
adam is really pretending to be a changed man for no reason because he is not winning that money #loveisland
we're ready to go out now that's all good Adam, you're going home tonight #loveisland
adam you're crying who asked you to come again #LoveIsland
Tandrew are 100% safe! There's no way Adam can come and do up redemption island and make it to the final #LoveIsland
Wow Adam lmaoooo #LoveIsland
Not Adam trying to cry for votes lol #LoveIsland
What is this Redemption Island? I think not Adam! #LoveIsland
Take a shot every time Adam says 'to be fair' #LoveIsland
Bringing Adam was a bad idea. It's giving love and hip hop. This is no longer real reality tv. This is paid for a storyline, I want a peach reality tv #loveisland
Not buying what Adam's selling. He's done this before - he knows what he needs to do to look genuine #LoveIsland
I kinda feel bad for Adam though #loveisland
Adam spent his time outside the villa to invest in acting classes. I see the improvement #LoveIsland
Adam don't worry, you'll see them at the airport tonight! #LoveIsland
Nahhh Adam is TOO false... He knows exactly what he's doing... People need to remember that he done all this before...... He's desperate for the win this time. #LoveIsland
Adam doesn't deserve a visit all we asked of him was to bring quality tv and he just didn't do that #LoveIsland
How can Adam say he didnt find a genuine connection last time when he literally made Zara his gf and got a Z tattooed on him. I smell some bs. #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
just realised that this is the second time adam has had a parent come out is he not embarrassed #LoveIsland
the way i was going to act normally.. interesting adam interesting #LoveIsland
Adam's redemption arc was not on my #loveisland bingo card
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