Shaughna Phillips

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 30
Twitter: @Shaughna_P
Instagram: @shaughnaphillips
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Goodbye to our true #LoveIsland queen, say what you want about her but she always had the best lines and has been one of the most entertaining islanders this season. Shaughna you're beautiful, smart and a legend Love
Shaughna was the life and soul of the villa, she was funny, confident, sassy, speaks her mind and is stunning! She deserved to stay in the villa but hopefully she finds genuine love on the outside! My queen! #LoveIsland
I'm crying rn i thought @Shaughna_P was going to the final but she might not of won but shes my winner Love Love @LoveIsland #LoveIsland
Shaughna was endearing, entertaining, dynamic, flawed, strong and open to the experience. It does feel like her time was up but it really is characters like her that keep me coming back to reality television and I hope she finds every success #LoveIsland
Shaughna is generally one of them lovely people you barely get on tv anymore that has just been herself and just enjoyed a once in a lifetime chance fair play. The real winner. #LoveIsland
Really gonna miss Shaughna and her one liners but hopefully the show has taught her to love herself. Will be nice to see her find someone eventually but shes already a winner as no doubt big brands will want to collab with her more so than other islanders @LoveIsland #loveisland
You know what though, Im actually very proud of shaughna - dealt a bit of a shitty hand after Casa Amore, still stayed confident, plucky and hopeful even when her time in the villa came to a natural stop. Good on her, and good luck back on the outside girl Love #LoveIsland
Seeing everyone love shaughna so much makes me so happy cause she deserves it so much, she's such a diamond and I honestly want the best for her #LoveIsland
Shaughna. End of an era! Villa won't be the same. Not as funny. Not as on the nose with the banger. Legendary she was Love #loveisland
This girl deserves better, most relatable genuine islander. Definitely should have been this years winner #loveisland @Shaughna_P
#LoveIsland Shaughna #CongratsHun you were absolutely awesome! You are a strong, beautiful and independent woman!
It's no secret @Shaughna_P deserved more but even when things were so hard she laughed, made light of those moments and we were glad she stayed. #LoveIsland for me won't be the same without her but Lord she should be proud of herself and how well she did! Love
Knowing Shaughna felt confident and nice enough to go on tv, to find someone to love her, only for people to ridicule her legs, a scaffold to lead her to believe he liked her, and for her to open up and put herself out there but be rejected. Shaughna deserved more #loveisland
#shaughna is a lovely person and a bloody hilarious one! She's also most importantly a good person, having read about her working with Grenfell survivors. She's gonna have a lot of men queuing up! #LoveIsland
shaughna has been my fave since day one and it won't be the same without her, but i'm so glad she got to leave with her head held high like the queen she is Love #loveisland
she has been one of the best islanders this year she's handled everything with class and dignity. @Shaughna_P should be so proud of herself and I'm sure she'll smash it on the outside. #LoveIsland
Aww man Finns speak that was actual so lovely , can even tell shaughna is so happy for them crying like that Love #LoveIsland
Id love for #shaughna to find her Prince Charming outside the villa I really hope she does Love she deserves it Love #LoveIsland @Shaughna_P
Shaughna, you were incredible and your exit was so dignified. You've had my heart racing, tears falling and my anxiety on high alert worrying about you after Casa Amor! But you're meant for bigger and better things now. Stay you! Stronger than ever! Love @Shaughna_P #LoveIsland
Aw I hope @LoveIsland do the voting thing to bring back 2 people I want @Shaughna_P back already, the girl has carried this full season what a queen Love #LoveIsland
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