Rebecca Gormley

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 9
Finished: Episode 26
Twitter: @rebeccagormleyx
Instagram: @rebeccagormleyx
These girls on #Loveisland would legit look better if they embraced their naturally pale skin tone, this is why that Rebecca is clear above everyone else in looks
Rebecca was growing on me but there's actually nothing about her. She's like the 'popular' girls at school who think they're way too good for everyone and I'm here to tell you hun, you ain't and it's so dull #LoveIsland
Rebecca isn't looking for love, babe just wanted a free holiday and that plt cheque #LoveIsland
Rebecca is gone man LOOOL bless #LoveIsland
Why did Rebecca just stand there like she was too good to move? #LoveIsland
It's time for Rebecca to go. We've given her too many chances to be interesting and she's just not. #LoveIsland
Rebecca is actually soooo beautiful #LoveIsland
lowkey want rebecca to win just to see someone steal the 50k at the end because for sure she would be the one to do it #loveisland
Rebecca gonna get a taste of karma. Love it #LoveIsland
It's got to be Rebecca going home she's been wayyy too lucky lasting this long #loveisland
Get Rebecca out. She's had too many chances. None of these guys like her. #LoveIsland
Rebecca gets a man and shows NOO LOVE #LoveIsland
Rebeccas done with this one loool #loveisland
Rebecca is a entertaining as cold soup #loveisland
Loool what's going on with Rebeccas couplings #loveisland
Rebecca is the perfect example of how looks can't hold a candle to personality in the long run. #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland that took far too fucking long but thank god Rebecca is finally off my screen. It's a good night tonight
Rebecca being sent back to St James Park. God is great. #LoveIsland
Lol Rebecca's getting dashed again #LoveIsland
wow my babe rebecca going home x #loveisland
Okay but I stg Rebecca can't dress herself, the only time she looked good was when she was in the goddess outfit and that was because someone styled her oof #LoveIsland
Best thing about Rebecca is her bikinis, that's it #LoveIsland
Rebecca girl you're not really having much luck #LoveIsland
Lol I even forgot Rebecca was in the villa . #LoveIsland
Rebecca has everyone turning the other way after the kissing stage. #loveisland
The only way I'll notice Rebecca is gone is by being less irritated. #LoveIsland
Rebecca was washed ain't no one sad #LoveIsland
Rebecca has really outstayed her welcome. She should've been one of those who came and went in the same week #LoveIsland
Rebecca and her husband better pack their bags and get out #Loveisland
I honestly hope it's Rebecca going home #Loveisland
What kind of English Rebecca #LoveIsland
He doesn't like Rebecca lol I knew it #loveisland
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