Priscilla Anyabu

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 20
Finished: Episode 35
Instagram: @priscillaanyabu_
Priscilla mom is so lovely full of warmth and wholesomeness. Priscilla is lovely in general and I think her parents have brought her up with such good morals and values. That's why we appreciate Priscilla so much becsuse she is beautiful her dancing ain't bad either #loveisland
#Loveisland all the gang look amazing. #Priscilla looks incredible tonight
priscilla has amazing vibes and good energy #LoveIsland
Nah Priscilla is beautttiful Love #LoveIsland
Priscilla. A Queen I'll always Stan Love Love Love #LoveIsland
how beautiful is Priscilla Love #LoveIsland
He said: She carries herself well! That is the compliment. It don't get no better than that. Yaaaasssss Queen Priscilla! Love #LoveIsland
Priscilla's mum has no filter! I love how they told her she definitely brought out the best in him #LoveIsland
Pleaseeeee Priscillas mum is soo cuteee omggg! This is why Priscilla is good vibes, got it from her mum. #loveisland
Priscilla's mum.. I just wanna give her a big hug.. Love #LoveIsland
Loooooool Priscilla mum is cute. Proper East African #LoveIsland
Priscillas mom is so cute and small and I love her accent #loveisland
Priscilla has made me proud versatility with the hair #allthelooks #switchup #LoveIsland a Queen
#loveisland loving the brothers boateng, oh and @PriscillaAnyabu s mom is adorable #bekind
love how Priscilla's mum kept reinforcing the importance of culture & tradition. #LoveIsland
priscillas mum is so wholesome and cute #LoveIsland
Priscilla is so beautiful but feels like se never saw much of her let alone heard her speak. Wonder if it was an editing thing or what. She gave lewks but no personality was shown #loveisland
See how Priscilla is greeting everyone's parents... I love her. #LoveIsland
LOL! Priscilla's mom was low-key like let me tell you how it's really gonna be on the outside #loveisland
Priscilla's Mum is so cute man bless her #LoveIsland
Priscilla in that white dress though. Perfection #loveisland
I'm grinning bare teeth for Priscilla and Micheal. Black Love #loveisland
Priscilla's mum and her beautiful Ugandan accent #LoveIsland
Priscilla is absolutely stunning omg #loveisland
I'm weak, Priscilla's mum is like nigga buck your ideas up cos our culture doesn't take no mess #LoveIsland
I love how Priscilla rocks her natural hair, #lovetoseeit #LoveIsland
Priscilla's mum said TRADITIONAL WEDDING NEXT MONTH. Lmaooo we love to see it. #loveisland
Priscilla is insanely beautiful. Today her outfit is #LoveIsland
"You have not been passa passa!" Well done #Priscilla #loveisland
Love Priscillas mum, a queen for sure #loveisland
Nah Priscillas mum I love her #loveisland
That's why they call it Love Island Priscilla's mum has had enough of her LOOOOL #LoveIsland
Priscilla is so loved (mostly by me). #loveisland
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