Ollie Williams

Status: Withdrew
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 3
Twitter: @olliesjwilliams
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Loool it was at this moment Ollie decided he was still in love with his ex #LoveIsland
No way Ollie has left because he's just realised he still loves his ex looooooool #LoveIsland
'she had a west countryaccent and that's why i was interested in her' HAHAHAH WHAT IS OLLIE OK #loveisland
So the hardest decision ollie's ever made was leaving #LoveIsland but not killing a lion for fun?? white male tories really are something else
ObSESSED with Ollie's defence centring around Fudge's accent, like HOW deranged. I love it. #loveisland
Ollie is too rich for this loool #loveisland
In a way I'm sad Ollie has gone cause he was coupled up with the Lass who broke Lewis Capaldi's heart so would have relished voting someone he loved and buffalo bill straight off! #LoveIsland
Anywaaaaaays Ollie has jumped out the villa, we need a fine brudda to replace him pls and thank u. #LoveIsland
you know when we all cried when amy left? yeah don't think that'll be happening when ollie leaves #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland so glad Ollie is gone he's like the equivalent of getting plain chicken at Nando's
This is why Ollie leftt lol cos hes a pussy and can't pay for girls anymore #LoveIsland
she wants ollie but hes gone love #LoveIsland
I have the Born Free song stuck in my head and I'd like to think it's my brain's little private celebration that Ollie has quit the villa #loveisland
Sooo glad Ollie has gone, he makes my skin crawl #LoveIsland
Im happy Ollie has left. He's hella awks #LoveIsland
So Ollie left the show. Good. #LoveIsland
LOOOLLLL is this why Ollie ran away #LoveIsland
'It wouldn't be fair' #LoveIsland star Ollie Williams breaks silence after quitting show just three days after launch
To be fair to Ollie on this occasion, I'd prefer to shag the lion too #LoveIsland
The girls touching their hair is like Ollie's fascination with shooting - too much. #LoveIsland
Why do I like Ollie??? Somebody save me! #loveisland
Lol this whole conversation is the reason why Ollie left. #LoveIsland
Ollie at night thinking about his ex cuz he's still 'in love' with her #LoveIsland
Ollie LOL. #LoveIsland
I wish the islanders could watch back the footage to prove that Ollie did say he liked shannice #loveisland
Ollie this is rich nigga problems #LoveIsland
I know Ollie's gone now but do you think him being loaded would have made him more attractive to the girls or would they been like 'I'd rather have a PLT contract'? #loveisland
Dear Ollie, if you want to start a conversation with a girl, dont start with "what you sayin" #LoveIsland
Good riddance, bye ollie #LoveIsland
Is this why Ollie decided that he wants his ex back?! LOOOOOOOOOL #LoveIsland
Ollie saying he's quit because he realised he's in love with someone else. Bullsh*t. He's been told by production that his hunting has come to light and he's jumped #LoveIsland
Ollie is seating like the rich man that he is. #LoveIsland
Ollie fully said hope and pray you know #LoveIsland
Now we know why Ollie left LOOOOL #LoveIsland
Ollie is giving me aristocrat vibes right now lol #loveisland
Ollie's best moments so far #Loveisland
lol so ollie actually goes? thank fuck for that #loveisland
#loveisland ollie has left already?!! kaine and jeanne are celebrating right now. could this be their doing?
Ollie finally realisedthat ITV's definition of smashing birds in South Africa was very different to his. #LoveIsland
Ollie is so sauceless looool #LoveIsland
Ollie is a noob lol like he doesn't have to do anything #LoveIsland
Looool Ollie jammed #LoveIsland
Who does ollie think he is dunno why hes acting so confident an cocky when he looks like that #LoveIsland
Ollie leaving the villa to pursue his true passion #LoveIsland
Ollie doesn't represent men well. At least we lie better than him #LoveIsland
Ollie said I'm too rich to be doing all this passa and dipped #LoveIsland
Ollie: I'm not a liar, I know what I am We know what you are too. #LoveIsland
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