Luke Trotman

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 11
Finished: Episode 36
Instagram: @luketroytrotman
My vote is on Sianisseand Luke T but honestly whoever wins out of the two couples it will be well deserved. If only we could have both couple win Love Love this year has felt more like LOVE island than ever before #feelingthelove #loveisland
Like if you want siannice and Luke T to be crowned our winners Love also lets appreciate the colour coordinated outfits wow #loveisland
Aww I'm happy they won but would've also loved Sianisse and Luke T to win #LoveIsland
it could not be more OBVIOUS that #loveisland want Siannese and Luke T to win. They're lovely but i wish they could show the beauty's of alll the couples equally #loveIslandfinal
Luke T teaching men that consent is the sexiest turn on in the world was my favourite moment of this series. GO ON AND WIN THIS KING #LoveIsland
I have goosebumps watching Siannese and Luke T. I love them so much and hope they win #loveisland
Luke T is so real, he went into the villa knowing how hate S was at the time and he still chose her. He was genuine and didn't care abt winning. She really had the best character development in love island history and they are so cute. I really hope they win #loveisland
Siannese is absolutely stunning Love everytime she talks about Luke T my eyes well up, they are both so genuine I really hope they survive the outside world #LoveIsland
I feel like this is probably the closest final yet. Both these couples are so good but I hope siannice and Luke T win #loveisland
Luke t is so cute with sianese. He always put 110% effort to things she is passionate about like her dancing just cos she loves it he would melt ye x #loveisland
Would love Luke T and Siannese to win but I'd be happy with anyone tbh #LoveIsland
Never in my finest life did I think I would ever vote for Siannese to win but Luke T really redeemed her. #LoveIsland
I think Luke T and Siannese deserve to win because if a guy looks at you and he feels at peace. That is Love #LoveIsland
I actually love each and every finalist but it's got to be Luke T & Siannese to win #LoveIsland
Sianise and Luke t hope they win this but both of them couples are lovely #LoveIsland
luke t promising to support, cherish, move, love and make siannese's dreams come true #loveisland
My favourite love islanders for the finally ever #LoveIsland Luke T and Shannise to win Love
This is the first time that I've genuinely liked all of the couple's left in the villa! But for me Luke T and Siannese are my winners Love #LoveIsland
Obsessed with Luke T and Sianese Love praying they win tonight #loveisland
I can't believe the person we called Sha-Knees will now change our perception and win this wowy. I like her and Luke T Love #LoveIsland
If Luke t wins that will be the first black person to win #LoveIsland
Luke Ts parents must be so proud, that boy is honestly what any mother could dream of, such a genuine lovely guy #LoveIsland
look at siannese and luke t looking like winners Love #LoveIsland
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