Leanne Amaning

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 16
Twitter: @leanneamaning
Instagram: @leanneamaning
Who saw Leannes faceee after hearing about the re coupling news?? Looool good like she didn't see that coming let's pack your bags love @LoveIsland #LoveIsland
Lol Leanne you want to start crying now #LoveIsland
LOL I'm low-key still rooting for Leanne Lol someone save her #LoveIsland
Leanne makes me miss Yewande so much are kind, clever and classy queen #LoveIsland
You finished it with him Leanne love?! He's free to do as he pleases ??? #loveisland
leanne is playing a game, whichever girl has the spotlight / is in a strong couple suddenly becomes her best buddy #loveisland
Leanne's already on her 3rd man (that Siannese had shown interest in) and she's been in the show only a week lmfaooo. She's playing a game and she's good at it. #loveisland
"I feel like a proud mum" lol same leanne #LoveIsland
Leanne darling come home now it was fun #LoveIsland
Dog house Leanne is so funny!! It's the joke of the night #itv #LoveIsland
I would like to publicly apologise EVERY negative thing I ever said about Michael. He's lovely and I hope he finds the love of his life honestly... it's Leanne who is a witch #loveisland
Loool I honestly hope Leanne goes lmao #loveisland
Lol this is the best night of #LoveIsland - let's get Leanne out!!!!
"Don't you have any class?" Skeeeeen Leanne but "it just ain't banging" is classy yeah. Kkkk babes x #LoveIsland
#Leanne must just want to go home. Cos she knows that we all know that the chances of #LoveIsland putting another man in the villa that actually likes #BlackWomen is next to 0%. #safejourney
Leanne, darling you're not dat leng stil #LoveIsland
Leanne you are brilliant Doesn't he have any class??? It appears not! #LoveIsland
Leanne? Loool you think man cares? #LoveIsland
Leanne moved on so quick, at least she could have waited a bit longer lol. This 25 grand has us looking for ideas. #LoveIsland
Leanne is a mess she should not have come on this show. She has stuff going on, the sooner she goes home the better for her wellbeing. #LoveIsland
Class??? Leanne...u got no ASS!!!! #LoveIsland
Someone that was a going on like he was in love with Leanne is now doing duck duck goose ... #LoveIsland
LOOOOOOl Leanne no one is obsessed with you and that wig #loveisland
Leanne is funny though #LoveIsland
leannes leng and all but i just wanna kno why tf her face makeup match her top sis pls get colour matched abeg #LoveIsland
Nah leanne is funny #LoveIsland
LOOOL Leanne is me fake sleeping LMAOOOOOOOO she's so not bothered #LoveIsland
I like Leanne Love #Loveisland
Leanne has bright orange concealer on her wig part and is talking about class? Relax babe #LoveIsland
Leanne talking like she knows about love #LoveIsland
Looooooool Leanne??? Obsessed with who !! Bye man #LoveIsland
Is DONT TOUCH ME, DONT LOOK AT ME Leanne talking about class. Are you alright? Lol #LoveIsland
Lol the moment that text was read out, if I was Leanne I'd be packing my bag with haste and use the extra time to make sure I don't forget anything because.... #loveisland
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