Jordan Waobikeze

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 20
Finished: Episode 26
Instagram: @jordanwaobikeze
Becky, no matter what anyone said, I loved you! I still think your trans shut trans is beautiful. Your confidence is what I love ! And you are naturally pretty Love Love Love Love Jordan.. #LoveIsland
Jordan is very beautiful wow I'm mesmerised #LoveIsland
Did Jordan just kiss his teeth??? Nahhhh don't kill me boy!! Loool #LoveIsland
Jordan is kind of sexy #Loveisland
Loool Did Jordan say 'Small Small, I just want piece/peace'?! #LoveIsland
Jordan kissing his teeth, and delivering pidgin to us all in one episode we stan bro we stan #loveisland
Basically Jordan is happy, but could be happier.... #byebecky #LoveIsland
I liked Jordan, he was good vibes #loveisland
Loool. Jordan didn't even get two words worth of screentime #LoveIsland
I feel like Jordan would've made a good original villa boy #LoveIsland
Jordan is so underrated Love #loveisland
If sexy Jordan wants to leave the villa and wife me he's welcome to xx #loveisland
Jordan didn't nigger himself up enough hed still be here #LoveIsland
Jordan is naij??? Sn he needs to win #LoveIsland
Are you hearing Jordan kissing his teeth??? Black supremacy!!!! #LoveIsland
I couldn't agree with Jordan more #LoveIsland I just want to have fun! I want positve vibes! I just want to be me!
Jordan is so sexyyyyyyyy #LoveIsland
Jordan was funny man, he just picked the deadest person EVER #LoveIsland
I kinda fancy Jordan. Get me in that island, I'll show him excitement #LoveIsland
wow jordan is fine #loveisland
Jordan's best bits will be a barrel of laughs #LoveIsland
I feel sorry for Jordan, he literally got NO air time and seemed hella funny!!! Sad we didn't get to see more of him #LoveIsland
The way Jordan said small small and I just want peace where's he from please #loveisland
Looool, so Jordan is af #LoveIsland
I need to see more of Jordan Love #LoveIsland
Loooool ok so Jordan is black black #loveisland
Ah Jordan seemed quite nice #loveisland
LOOOOL is Jordan aff?? #LoveIsland
No ones going to talk about how gorgeous Jordan is ?? #LoveIsland
Jordan kissed his teeth like he knows he's going home #LoveIsland
Awwww Jordan he didn't get the chance he deserved #loveisland
Jordan likes black babes. You can sense it. #LoveIsland
Jordan is soo pretty Love #Loveisland
jordan deserved so much better #loveisland
Lmaooo Bare Kiss teet from Jordan . #loveisland
Wait is Jordan Nigerian ??? Lol #loveisland
Jordan is good vibes #LoveIsland
Nooo I wanted Jordan to stay and get with a nice lass. #LoveIsland
Wait, where is Jordan from? Lol #LoveIsland
Jordan is so under rated Love Love #loveisland
Jordan knows he's going home. I feel bad for him, he seems like a sound guy #loveisland
Jordan I've ever seen anyone kiss their teeth on TV since Victor from BIG brother 10+ years ago #LoveIsland
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