Jess Gale

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 36
Twitter: @jessicarosegale
Instagram: @jessicarosegale
Jess has surprised me more than anyone this series. Proof you should never judge a book by its cover - she's been kind, funny and insightful. Never bitchy, always fair and good to everyone. A sweet one #LoveIsland
jess has such good energy, gentle warmth about her.. the most underrated girl this season #loveisland
Jess acfually looks beautiful and sooo sophisticated tonight Love #loveisland
Jess looks incredible Love #loveisland
jess looks stunning at the final and her dress is so beautiful #LoveIsland
jess has such good energy and warmth.. the most underrated girl this season #loveisland
Jess' dress is beaut Love I wish I had her figure #loveisland
i've been looking for prom dresses all night and jess's blue one is perfect someone PLEASE tell me where it's from Love Love #LoveIsland
Jess looks stunning Love #loveisland
How good does Jess look in baby blue tho Love #LoveIsland
That colour is 100% for Jess well deserved finalists Love #LoveIsland @LoveIsland
Chad & jess do look good together Love Love #loveisland
Jess and Siannese used to be MostHated until they found love wow #LoveIsland
Jess is actually so sweet Love #LoveIsland
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