Jamie Clayton

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 27
Finished: Episode 32
Instagram: @jamieclayton9
Lmfao Jamie I love you 'no feelings, just like your Mummy' #LoveIsland
jamies brilliant and nothad a chance #LoveIsland
I like that Jamie is genuine and engaging with the challenge #LoveIsland
That Jamie yute makes me laugh man he thought he could be hero like Greg did and go to the final but he got booted loool #Loveisland
WOW Jamie is brave saying the baby has no feelings just like his mummy #Loveisland So true though.
Bless Jamie... hasn't had the best ride has be #LoveIsland
Lmfao Jamie still has hopes? Babes she told you last night that she wasn't gonna find a boyfriend inside the villa... #LoveIsland
Looool Jamie has high hopes for a guy who she told she doesn't think she'll find a boyfriend #LoveIsland
'Would you like to do it as a single mum? coz i'm a single dad rn' jamie gives no fucks rn #LoveIsland
Lol jamie she probably doesn't know what she wants because she's practically 10 years younger than you babe x #LoveIsland
He's got no feelings just like his mummy LOL JAMIE #loveisland
Loooool Jamie saying the babies not got any feelings just like his mummy, I spat out my drink #loveisland
Jamie is actually well funny #loveisland
'would you like to do it as a single mum? because i'm a single dad rn' jamie gives no fucks rn #LoveIsland
Ill have you jamie you beauty #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland bless Jamie I feel sorry for him and it's only a doll baby
Jamie saying Voldys got no feelings just like his mommy looooool #LoveIsland
Jamie is so fit Love #loveisland
NAAAHHHH JAMIE "hes got no feelings, just like your mummy" you legend #LoveIsland
Jamie with the best one liner this series she's got no feelings, just like her Mummy #LoveIsland
hope jamie stays n gets a chance #LoveIsland
Good man Jamie . #LoveIsland
he's got no feelings, just like your mummy!!! JAMIE YES KING #loveisland
jamie really needs some love rn #LoveIsland
I'll love you Jamie #loveisland
Feel so sorry for Jamie! He never got the chance to find someone decent or get enough air time! Instead that bitched used who ever it was to get in the villa! Than clearly used Jamie!!! #LoveIsland
And that's when Jamie realised he was getting used lol, bye Nat #LoveIsland
okay but Jamie looks so much like Chris Hughes, please don't tell me I'm the only on that sees this @chrishughes_22 #Loveisland
Jamie is one creepy guy what was that smile loool #loveisland
'he's got no feelings... just like his mummy' lmao Jamie yes #loveisland
Jamie is low key hilarious #LoveIsland
I love how Jamie has called his baby Voldemort #loveisland
Jamie with the baby tho Love #loveIsland
AAAHHHH JAMIE you boss!!! Love it!!! #LoveIsland
gonna miss jamie's good chat #LoveIsland
I actually feel really bad for Jamie #LoveIsland
That smile on Jamie's face before going to sleep cause he knows he's dodged a bullet #LoveIsland
LOOOOOL Jamie is so shady he's not no feelings just like his mummy #LoveIsland
Jamie said that the baby doesn't have any feelings just like his mummy...come through with the truth Hun #LoveIsland
Jamie deserves so much better #LoveIsland
i feel bad for jamie ngl #loveisland
The baby has no feelings Yeah just like its mummy Most honest thing Jamie has said so far #loveisland
He's got no feelings. Just like his mummy' Yes Jamie! #loveisland
Jamie "you have no feelings just like your mummy" #LoveIsland
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