Finley Tapp

Status: Winner
Started: Episode 5
Finished: Episode 36
Instagram: @finley__tapp
Any one of they two final couples can win Both worthy winners for me. Think Finn may have swung a few votes with his declaration of love speech right enough #loveisland
I am literally sobbing at Finn Like how amazing is that to hear Love @LoveIsland #LoveIsland
Watching Finn's speech reminded me of when my bf told me he loves me and it was one of the most precious moments for me...literally no words to describe how I felt but it was so so special Love @ bae please come back soon koala misses yew #loveIslandfinal #loveisland
I cannot say enough good things about Finn, I honestly adore him Love #loveisland
Finn wins most emotional speech Love #LoveIslandFinal #LoveIsland
Omg wow #LoveIsland the girls look stunning and Finn in a suit wow Love Love
Finn is soo cute!! Omg him and the two Luke's are wonderful! This years Love Island had some of the sweetest men ever. #loveisland #LoveIslandfinal
I'm in tears I'm in tears Finn take your time love #loveisland
Finn man, my bloody heart!! My winners right there Love Love #LoveIsland
come on Finn! Love yuh look good! #LoveIsland
Finn is the guy we all want and all need, a guy with a heart where his heart should be. He adores her...we will all find that love guys. It's out there! #Finn #LoveIsland
Love island has me sobbing tonightPaige and Finn deserved that win soooo much, they litch show the true meaning in so many things #LoveIsland
Finn for me has shown the biggest growth in this villa, proof boys can be mature and be the maturer one in a couple while being the youngest, well done bro #LoveIsland
Finn and page to win Love #LoveIsland
Why has #LoveIsland got me being an emotional wreck?! Need to find me a Finley but S & L to win
Finn has the best one liners on the show, he's too funny without even trying #LoveIsland
Can we all just agree that Finn is winning the final? Thank you #LoveIsland
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