Connor Durman

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 14
Twitter: @ConnorDurman
Instagram: @connordurman
Proud of Connor, he's had the best time in the villa and made some amazing memories, Thanks everyone for all your support throughout ! Love @LoveIsland #LoveIsland #OGConnor #TeamConnor
Well done Connor. I hope u see this and I hope you see all the positive messages people wrote about you. Ignore the people writing nasty comments sitting at home with a sock on their d**k. Best of luck on the outside #LoveIsland #byeconnor
I'm so happy Connors gone ngl lol #loveisland
Man... I really hope they get Connor out of there lol please! I'm begging youuu #LoveIsland
Connor is going!!!! Well done United Kingdom #loveisland
Hasn't even been 24hrs yet and she's happy she's going on a date with new guy . Connor deserves better #LoveIsland
Connor is so lovely bless him #loveisland
I would of 100% preferred it if they saved Connor. But then again he's more loyal than her he would of left anyway #LoveIsland
Connor's face is growing on me. Just as he's leaving. Lol. #loveisland
It was fun whilst it lasted for Connor #LoveIsland
When you are coupled up with someone romantically and you get sent home and they don't leave with you then your answer is there! Connor come to mama, I'll put all your eggs in my basket and make an omelette you'll never forget #loveisland
this is the least psycho connor has been #LoveIsland
She mouthed thank you lmao and then started grinning hahaha she did not rate Connor #loveisland
She's finally free from Connor and she happy on the inside #LoveIsland
hope they save Connor and that's that. #loveisland
Connor is a good lad, you lot are fucking tapped #loveisland
Connor acc seemed so genuine and lovely so sad that he's gone #LoveIsland
can we finally tweet nice things about connor #LoveIsland
Connor leaves and they finally do a challenge his big mouth would be good for #LoveIsland
Loool pls.. deep down they wanna send Connor #loveisland
Loool they had to get rid of that Connor before they could play this game!!! #LoveIsland
'Positive energy to the villa'... that's defs not Connor staying #LoveIsland
Noooooo I loved Connor!!!!! #LoveIsland
Knew she wouldn't leave with him, Connor deserves better anyway! #loveisland
Connor can't take a joke he can go lmao #LoveIsland
I thought Connor left not died #LoveIsland
I want Connor to be saved tonight. #loveisland
I wonder if the vote went the other way if Connor would have left too #LoveIsland
Connors lucky he wasn't there for that game because he's roughly 99% teeth #LoveIsland
I love Connor!!! #LoveIsland
actually love Connor #loveisland
Bye bye Connor man, I'm so happy #LoveIsland
darling wasn't you just crying because you wanted to go home with connor??? look how happy she is, absolute muggy behaviour #LoveIsland
after everything thats happened it puts everything into perspective- Connor isn't dead? #LoveIsland
Connor leaving #LoveIsland2020 is a victory for decent people everywhere
LOOOL Connor is gonna bite them all #loveisland
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