Connagh Howard

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 5
Finished: Episode 12
Twitter: @ConnaghHoward92
Instagram: @connagh92
No one deserves Connagh , Connagh is thoughtful, gorgeous Love #LoveIsland
Connagh is very handsome #loveisland
Connagh's tan is hotttt Love #LoveIsland
these girls honestly need to appreciate Connagh more #loveisland
Are all these gals blind? Connagh is the best guy in there #loveisland
Connagh is not even arsed. He knows his own worth. #LoveIsland
Connagh is getting dark and my eyes are welling up #loveisland
Connagh is a gorgeous, kind, respectful man there's no need for him to be stressing like this wtf #LoveIsland
Connagh looks fine tonight #LoveIsland
Sianisse saying the reason she hasn't got with anyone is because she hasn't been attracted to anyone? Said the woman who asked if Connagh wanted babies ... #LoveIsland
Connagh has no vimmmmmm Jesus #LoveIsland
I swear she was attracted to Connagh #LoveIsland
I feel like Connagh is gonna go #LoveIsland
Connagh is free Siamese is already talking kids with the new guy #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland have a feeling connagh will be going home don't know why
i have a feeling it's connagh going tbh :// #loveisland
i can never tell where connagh with G's always looking? #LoveIsland
connagh G would never #LoveIsland
Connagh is one of those guys who's got the looks but no personality to match #LoveIsland
Shin sneeze ur not gunna get connagh anyway #loveisland
Siamese just wants to couple up with Connagh with a g #LoveIsland
Connagh can't go? That doesn't even make sense #loveisland
'Did you bite'? Connagh have you seen those teeth? #LoveIsland
If Becky chooses Luke-et first then Saymyname might choose Connagh #LoveIsland
I did read somewhere that Connagh is going tonight.... #loveisland
Guessing by skybets pricing on top male that Connagh's been dumped #LoveIsland
Connagh is going home #loveisland
Schinese still after Connagh undercover #LoveIsland
I have a feeling Connagh will get dumped tonight :( #loveisland
So Connagh is just looks? #LoveIsland
Connagh asking if C bit knowing full well that's all he can do #LoveIsland
Anyone else reckon its connagh going home??? #loveisland
When you're trying to sleep but all you can think about is how you can't have Connagh #LoveIsland
Connagh is gone #loveisland
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