Ched Uzor

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 20
Finished: Episode 36
Instagram: @ched.uzor
Not gonna lie but I'm so happy with this years #LoveIsland finalists. I feel like they all deserve it the most and this season has been more real in some way. And to be honest, Ched bro, well done for being only one from Casa Amour being in the final
Ched better come with a nice speech and not what he pulled the first time lol #LoveIsland
Ched's speech is actually adorable my sweet one u have to love him #LoveIsland
I'm so glad I've met sweet one Ched Love #LoveIsland
Does anyone love Ched as much as I do. Like he's bloody hilarious #LoveIsland
Aww Ched. I take it back ! You're doing amazing sweetie Love #LoveIsland
Loool Ched is funny #loveisland
Tbf...Ched is completely underrated....Perfect gentleman #LoveIslandFinal #LoveIsland
Looool I love ched #LoveIsland
Ched can barely speak. Good luck to this man. #LoveIsland
Ched the wholesome feminist, we will stan forever #LoveIsland
Hi Ched, saying "sweet one" isn't a replacement for a personality or a joke. Thanks. #LoveIsland
Never thought Ched would have me cry happy tears #LoveIsland
Aww Ched putting on his best phone voice Love #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland LOL wow Ched knew his leg ain't got that flexibility
LOL omg Ched's suit trousers better be loose because he can't stretch his leg out like that otherwise #LoveIsland
In Ched's voice 'sweet one' he is so hilarious! Love him! #LoveIsland
Aww bless Ched he is such a big teddy bear with a kind heart #LoveIsland
Ched said shitden sweet one vote the nigga he's one of us! #LoveIsland
Ched is so underrated and lovely. #LoveIsland
Come on ched , I'm not looking at you LOOOOL #LoveIsland
Looooooooool i know Cheds speech is the moment of truth....... please take your time when you speak sir #LoveIsland
Ched was the most underrated in the whole villa, man was great #LoveIsland
Ched said I knew she was gonna approve loooool #LoveIsland
How many times will Ched say sweet one? Please eat your girl in peace #LoveIsland
Ched loves saying she's a sweet one #LoveIsland
"Give me some lip gloss." Ched's one liners have been superb #LoveIsland
Ched is good vibes. Gentle giant #LoveIsland
I think sweet one is the best English Ched knows #LoveIsland
cheds favourite phrases 'light work' 'sweet one' i actually love him #Loveisland
Ched the gentle giant, a really nice guy #LoveIsland
Looooooool Cheds so good with words I could cry #LoveIsland
Ched deserved to be an original. He's a really good guy #loveisland
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