Callum Jones

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 1
Finished: Episode 33
Instagram: @_callum_jones
Aww I'm gunna miss Callum & @mollysmith19_ but I'm so happy for them at the same time. All the best guys #TeamCally ALWAYS Love #LoveIsland
Just like Yewande stans, Shaugna stans probably think this is an L for Callum and that they have a victory looooooooollllll he's happy you haters. Got his girl. #LoveIsland
#LoveIsland OMG yeaaaaaah bye bye Callum hahahaha I'm happy good choice!
That was emotionally cute watching the boys help callum pack #LoveIsland
Never thought I'd be so happy seeing Callum leave. On a dark dark day. Thank you heavens #loveisland
They actually better not send our faves home omg #LoveIsland BUN CALLUM
Callum it's been real my guy, defo the standout lad in the Villa this season, interviews with him and the Destinys Chaldish boys will be immenseeeee #loveIsland
Callum's my best mate in here #loveisland
So sad to see @mollysmith19_ and Callum go you guys smashed it well done #loveisland xxxx
I'm glad they sent Callum home. #loveIsland
Looooool bye Callum finally!!! #LoveIsland
Callum really flew all the way to South Africa just to find a gal from Manchester looool #loveisland
Callum didn't look too impressed #LoveIsland
Callum looks so genuinely happy #loveisland
Callums little face is making me want to cry lol #LoveIsland
i was convinced they were gonna save their boy callum #loveisland
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