Biggs Chris

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 20
Finished: Episode 23
Instagram: @biggschrisx
Biggs is Gna win this one. Big man don't know how to speak #LoveIsland
Loving Biggs accent Love Love Love Love #LoveIsland
I love Biggs accent wow #loveisland
I feel bad for Biggs man, why's she smiling like that #loveisland
I actually like Biggs uno.. despite his accent, he's a cutie! #LoveIsland
Biggs looks bare like Sterling looool #LoveIsland
I'm sorry but I want Biggs to be in the villa because his accent has got me Love #loveisland
Biggs smiled like say it was him #LoveIsland
Nah Biggs with hat and glasses Love Love Love Love Love #loveisland
I want Biggs to get all the brand deals available thank you #LoveIsland
I'll happily welcome Biggs home if no one picks him. I'll be at the airport for you sweetie #loveisland
I'm loving the Scottish accent coming out of a black mouth! Lovin' Smally Biggs #loveisland
I wonder is leanna was dere Would Mykell still move to Cilla ?? Would Biggs move to leanna ?? #loveisland
Biggs deserves better #LoveIsland
AW i hope she picks biggs #LoveIsland
Biggs looked so hopeful! #LoveIsland2020
Biggs looks like a yardie #loveisland
Awwww I really like Biggs #LoveIsland
Nah but I'm actually so gutted for Biggs, seemed like a proper decent lad #LoveIsland
i actually really want biggs to stay but he's not gonna is he #LoveIsland
i really want biggs to stay in the villaaaa #loveisland
Biggs voice, I really cannot stand ut #LoveIsland
Lool Biggs was getting gassed as well #Loveisland
Biggs #LoveIsland
Biggs when he released he got released from #LoveIsland
Biggs just had an Anton moment #LoveIsland
ok but biggs has grown on me someone bring him back #LoveIsland
She should have chose Biggs #LoveIsland
Also can Biggs just stay as a single boy #loveisland ???
Bye, Biggs. #LoveIsland
Am I the only person who thinks Biggs is the image of @sterling7 #loveisland
Nah when you don't see Biggs hair or hear his voice>>>>> #LoveIsland
I'm sad Biggs is smiling because he doesn't know it's not him she's talking about #loveisland
omg no biggs #loveisland
Biggs: Smalls: #loveisland
anytime I hear biggs voice #loveisland
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