Alexi Eraclides

Status: Eliminated
Started: Episode 20
Finished: Episode 23
Instagram: @alexieraclides
why did none of the girls go for alexis, he is beautiful #loveisland
alexi in the 5 frames you were in you looked amazing #LoveIsland
#loveisland why tf have we all slept on alexi he is a sexy side dish
Lol where is Alexi? #LoveIsland
Can I just ask why tf nobody has spoken to Alexi! Give him more air time he's beaut #loveisland
Alexi is so underrated #loveisland
oh man i feel for alexi tho he also v fine #LoveIsland
Lowkey wish Alexi would've stayed longer #LoveIsland
I really want alexi to stay omfg but no one is doing to pick him #LoveIsland
Can one of these girls just couple up with Alexi to keep him in please? We've barely seen him #loveisland
Alexi is actually really fit #LoveIsland
So this is the last time I'll be seeing Alexi. #loveisland
the fact that none of the girls will pick alexi i #loveisland
I literally don't think i've seen that Alexi guy on any episode so far ???? #LoveIsland
so no one's going to pick alexi? #loveisland
alexi going home? ... he doesn't deserve that treatment. #LoveIsland
Me tonight when Alexi gets sent home #LoveIsland
someone save alexi... any hoe #LoveIsland
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